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The White House Soap Opera

The White House has been a regular Peyton Place lately. Here’s a recap:


Ed alert: “Have you ever noticed that every little detail of everything in the White House is so viciously dissected? We didn’t mind when Clinton was having ‘not sex’ in the Oval Office with Monica Lewinsky, and we didn’t mind anything Obama did because if you criticized him, you were a racist…but with Trump’s White House, it’s ‘Look at these people, they’re falling like flies’.”

But this soap opera has other players, too. The media has been in an uproar over Trump son-in-law Jared Kushner’s government security clearance for the past few weeks – and this week, Chief of Staff John Kelly downgraded Kushner’s interim clearance from “top secret” to “secret.” Ed alert: “You know, I think he was in a big group of people whose security clearances expired – but they’re making a big deal about this because he’s Trump’s son-in-law. It’s overly dramatized.” Meanwhile, Adam Schiff and his vindictive band of Democrat colleagues finally got their rebuttal memo out this week – only to have their story buried by all this other news, much to their dismay. Ed alert: Those of you in his district, let’s vote him out.”

Supreme Court Turns Down 2nd Amendment Case 

In the second half, Ed welcomes back writer Beth Baumann. She’s got a new story this week about the Supreme Court turning down a major 2nd Amendment case here in California. The Supreme Court turned down a challenge to California’s 10-day waiting period,” she explains. “It’s an example of the Court not wanting to take on any 2nd Amendment cases so they can stay out of the gun control debate.” In fact, the Court hasn’t heard any 2nd Amendment cases since 2010. “They’re trying to stay out of anything that would set precedent on what the 2nd Amendment means,” Beth explains. Tune in to hear Ed and Beth discuss the 2nd Amendment debate from a judicial standpoint first, then from a legislative standpoint as Beth explains the Toomey/Manchin “Fix NICS” bills that are currently being considered by Congress and the President as part of a gun reform action.


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