Ed's Book: Experience Matters

If you’re only learning from your own experience, you’re wasting years of time doing all the wrong things. When we learn from the experiences of others, we can save those years and make the right decisions when they count.

Who has the experience you should learn from? Anyone and everyone, including the author of this book.

Over six decades, Ed Hoffman has gained the experience you need to get through life without:

  • Student debt
  • Lost sales
  • Bad investments
  • Foreclosure

…And other mistakes you’d like to avoid personally and professionally.

Written during the COVID-19 pandemic, Experience Matters is full of (brutal) honesty and humor. From his 800-mile trek to Pelican Bay Prison to do business with one of the LAPD’s top 10 most wanted, to hustling his way into a sport and becoming Amateur World Champion, to witnessing the 2008 mortgage meltdown from behind the curtain, Ed’s experiences can inspire you to do whatever it takes to reach your goals. Each chapter includes movie dialogue, because films that depict life experiences can be some of our best teachers.

Are you ready to get experienced? Ed’s life is full of lessons, and he’s ready to share them with you.

Experience Matters is a treasure trove of practical advice. Ed Hoffman has lived a fascinating life. He has turned each one of his many, varied and engaging adventures into a gem of wisdom. Read this book and profit. Then, get your son or daughter to read it. Bribe them if you have to. That’s how good (and how much fun) this book is.”