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— Dennis Prager

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You’ve heard, “experience is the best teacher” — but the saying doesn’t end there. We often forget the important conclusion: “…especially when it’s someone else’s experience.”

Are you ready to get experienced?
Ed’s life is full of lessons, and he’s ready to share them with you.

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On Experience…

Experience is the best teacher…especially when it’s someone else’s experience. If you’re only trying to learn from your own experience, then you’re wasting your time doing all the wrong things — just so you can later come to the conclusion that you should have done things differently, after it’s already too late. That’s why you want to learn from the experiences of others: to make the right decisions, when they count.

On Parenting…

There’s wisdom that comes from raising your kids to adulthood. But when I say “raising them to adulthood,” I don’t just mean raising them to age 18. I mean raising them to be successful adults with careers, their own homes, and bills that they pay themselves.

On Marriage…

They say there are two rules for marriage: Rule #1: Your wife is always right. Rule #2: If you feel your wife is wrong, slap yourself and read Rule #1 again.

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