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Trump and Putin Summit 

The long-anticipated Helsinki Summit between President Donald Trump and Russian President Vladimir Putin took place on Monday, leaving Democrats and the media in hysterics all week. Ed alert: “You can control where you buy his house, but you can’t control who buys the house next door. You can hate your neighbor, or try to get along. We’re the number one superpower and they’re number two. It’s probably a good idea to have some kind of relationship with them at some point.” Tune in to hear more thoughts along these lines!

You’d have to be living under a rock to miss the negative feedback on Trump’s comments on Russian election meddling. Whether the President walked back his comments on election meddling or not, we were bound to see hysterical reactions from people on the left – and not surprisingly, one of them was Obama’s CIA Director, John Brennan.





Someone needs to tell Brennan that once you start calling everything treasonous, the concept of treason loses its meaning.

Tune in to hear Ed consult Siri on the definition!

What are the Democrats Up To?

In the last months before the midterm election, House Democrats have finalized their new campaign slogan: “For the People.” According to Politico, the Democrats plan to begin working “For the People” into their statements and press conferences, with a focus on three key areas: addressing health care and prescription drug costs; increasing wages through infrastructure and public works projects; and highlighting “Republican corruption” in Washington.

The slogan is supposed to summarize the economic-based messaging Democrats have been pushing since last summer…when they unveiled a different slogan, “Better Deal” — but that one didn’t catch on, and was even mocked by some Democrats in Congress.

But the Dems may have legal trouble on their hands, because “For the people” is already taken by a major personal injury law firm in Florida, and that firm owns the website domain

During her weekly press conference on Thursday, Nancy Pelosi took it upon herself to clear up any confusion by using both the old and new slogans, and she hit it out of the park (not really).

Meanwhile, Hillary Clinton is up to something too. Is she trying to stay politically relevant for legacy reasons, or is she running for President again?

Ed alert: “Wait until you start getting phone calls from this organization.”

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