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Further to the Left 

By now, you’ve heard about Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, the 28-year-old who defeated Congressman Joe Crowley in New York (Crowley was considered by many the likely next Democratic speaker if the “blue wave” happens). But in order for that blue wave to come, Democrats have to go with what’s popular – and thanks to candidates like Cortez, what’s popular is to go as far left as possible.

Here are some other far left candidates popping up in time for the midterms:

You’ll hear from these candidates on this show this week, in addition to Ocasio-Cortez herself (she’s a real rocket scientist).

When Socialism Wins 

Here’s what happens when socialism wins: In Venezuela, where President Nicolas Maduro recently survived an assassination attempt by drone, inflation hit more than 40,000% in June and the country is facing severe food shortages – so severe that starving people are reportedly breaking into local zoos to slaughter and eat the animals.

Before the assassination attempt…

President Trump seems to think Americans are smarter than to let this happen. At his rally this week, the President predicted the blue wave is fake news. You’ll hear what he had to say on this week’s show.

Steven’s Hope for Children 

Ed has an interview with the founder of a great organization, Steven’s Hope for Children. Tony Cappelli and his wife Sandy operate a wonderful non-profit that helps the families of hospitalized children due to chronic illness or injury, and it’s located right here in the Inland Empire. Tune in to hear about the great things Steven’s Hope for Children is doing, and learn more at

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