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Trump Cabinet Shakeup

It’s been another week of big shakeups to President Trump’s cabinet. After months of speculation that he and Trump have not seen eye to eye on many key issues – including the Iran nuclear deal, the new tariffs on steel and aluminum, and Trump’s willingness to meet with North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un – Secretary of State Rex Tillerson was asked to step aside. Now, the same Democrats who were horrified by Tillerson in the beginning because he does business in Russia and Putin gave him the Russian “Medal of Friendship” award are acting sad to see him go; either they have memory trouble, or Trump just can’t do anything right.

But Pompeo will have to face a Senate confirmation first, as will his own replacement at the CIA, Gina Haspel. Haspel is a career intelligence official with this impressive resume:

But it’s what she did in 2002 under George W. Bush that has liberals crying about Haspel’s appointment. During that important period after 9/11, Haspel was assigned to oversee a secret CIA prison in Thailand (code-named “Cat’s Eye”) that housed suspected Al-Qaeda terrorists, including Abu Zubaydah – Osama Bin Laden’s senior lieutenant. It has been confirmed that she was present at the waterboarding of Zubaydah and other high-ranking Bin Laden associates and helped to destroy evidence of the program afterward…so naturally, weak-kneed liberals don’t want her leading the CIA. Ed alert: “They don’t want to recognize that Trump promotes women, minorities…if you’re a good worker, he gives you good opportunities.”  

Plus, Trump will be appointing economist, finance author and CNBC personality Larry Kudlow. Kudlow was chosen by Trump to replace Gary Cohn, who left his position last week as White House National Economic Council (the President’s top economic advisor).

About the media freakout over these turnovers in the Trump administration, here’s this Ed alert: “We elected this guy to do a job. I didn’t elect him to date my daughter.”

Tune in this week to hear more!

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