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This week, Ed is talking about the story that no one wants to let go: Donald Trump Jr.’s June 2016 meeting with Russian “honeypot” lawyer Natalia Veselnitskaya. “Historically,” Ed says, “a ‘honeypot’ or ‘honey trap’ is a Russian female who uses her looks to get information from foreign men, usually Americans or Europeans. She’s either a spy or some kind of asset to the Russian government.” As for whether she really is a spy or otherwise affiliated with the Russian government (which she denies), Ed says, “Who knows?” If this story is moving forward so quickly you can’t keep up, tune in to The Main Event this week to get the full breakdown. You’ll even hear a few seconds of Russian singer Emin’s 2013 music video featuring the now-President Trump (yes, Ed’s getting that detailed!). The story will fill the whole first half and cover the entire timeline; it will also address the media’s gleeful proclamations that Donald Jr. “might go to jail” simply because he agreed to the meeting and said the words “I love it” in an email. “Should he have said ‘That’s the bomb’ or something else?” Ed jokes. “The reason I bring this up is that some of us blow this off, but you’ll hear someone at work who wants to say, ‘Did you hear Donald Jr. is going to jail? Did you hear he committed treason?’ So you need to know the whole story.”

And as the first half closes out, you’ll hear about Hillary Clinton’s own foray into getting opposition research from a Soviet bloc country – in her case, the Ukraine. “It’s amazing to me that Hillary does this stuff and nobody cares about it,” Ed says. “But they all care about it when it’s Trump.” Ed also reminds us about Hillary’s negotiation of a deal with the Russian company Uranium One, something that was almost certainly not in America’s best interests. But it’s not over until we hear Lindsey Graham say, “I can get a reverse mortgage now!” on his 62nd birthday this week. “Senator Graham,” Ed says, “Call me at (855) 640-2020!”

In the second half, it’s on to the Senate confirmation of FBI director nominee Christopher Wray – but unfortunately, even that included Russia as a line of questioning because Senators like Al Franken and Richard Blumenthal decided it somehow should be included. “They spend their time making statements, not asking questions,” Ed says. “It’s just stupid.”

And for the final topic of the show, we’re listening to some of insane liberal hyperbole this week: everything from the MSNBC and CNN commentators who called the President’s speech in Poland “white supremacist” to Bernie Sanders saying the Republican healthcare bill “will kill 9 times more people than 9/11.”

“Unbelievable!” Ed says. He’s on fire this week and you’re going to love it.  


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