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This week, Ed is recapping his time in Washington D.C. for the inauguration of the 45th President of the United States, Donald J. Trump. When you tune in, you’ll hear Ed and his traveling buddy Scott discuss what it was like to experience the entire weekend of Trump’s inauguration. You’ll hear about every fist bump with fellow Trump supporters, every run-in with Fox News personalities, and every confrontation with a protestor. “These people just don’t understand,” Ed says of the protestors. “You didn’t find a single one who knew what they were protesting.” Of course, there’s also plenty of talk about crowd size; if you paid attention to the debate over inauguration crowd size this week, you know it’s a hot topic. “It was packed,” Ed says. “There were tons of people.” If you want to be “put in the zone” of the inauguration, tune in to The Main Event this week to hear about Ed’s experience: the people, the mood, and even the security measures. “They went through my wallet and pulled out every single credit card,” Ed says. “What were they looking for, explosives?” He has fascinating anecdotes you don’t want to miss!

Next it’s on to analyzing Trump’s inaugural address. Despite what liberal pundits like Chris Matthews and Rachel Maddow say, the so-called “American carnage” part of Trump’s speech was clearly intended to show support for poverty-stricken Americans – and the “America First” theme makes perfect sense for the inauguration of an American President. “If you run a business, your motto is your company first,” Ed says. “Why should it be any different for our country? I don’t understand why they think any of this is ‘Hitlerian’.”

In the second half, Ed and Scott are still talking inauguration, describing D.C. as “the happiest city on earth” that weekend. The exception is what they saw of the Women’s March, of course. You’ll hear their stories of run-ins with the lovely “pink hat people,” and of course you’ll get to hear Madonna and Ashley Judd one more time! “I actually couldn’t believe that so many women were bringing their kids to this stuff,” Ed says. “Why would you expose them to so much anger?” Ed also describes what it was like to see dozens of women’s marchers flood the lobby of his hotel and scream at the new White House Press Secretary on the big screen (catch the video at

Next it’s on to recapping Trump’s first week in office – the good parts you might not have heard enough about, like the Roosevelt Room business meeting with 12 of the country’s top CEOs and the seven executive orders he signed. This is a show where we celebrate the accomplishments of our new President!

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