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Ed starts off with a little real estate talk. “A lot of people see prices going up and they’re afraid of another bubble coming,” Ed says. “I don’t see it. I see a healthy real estate market, and that will cause the interest rate to go up.” If you want to talk with him about your options for purchasing or refinancing a home, call his team at (855) 640-2020.

This week’s show airs on the 100th day of Donald Trump’s presidency! We’re covering his accomplishments on the show, because of course the mainstream media has already pronounced his first 100 days to be a disaster. The media is loving the way “The Simpsons” opened its show this week with a first 100 days of Trump parody – a sketch that ended with Homer Simpson saying, “Give the President a chance; he’s only 70 years old.”

“Well, Nancy Pelosi is 77 years old,” Ed says. “Dianne Feinstein is 83…I think she died and nobody told her yet. I’d put Donald Trump’s energy level alongside people in their 30s and 40s.” Ed proceeds to recap the 30 executive orders and 28 laws that were signed in Trump’s first 100 days. If you haven’t yet heard all of them in one place, you can on this week’s The Main Event.

Ed elaborates on some orders, namely the one that calls for a review of the 2010 Dodd-Frank financial regulatory law. “As the owner of a mortgage company, that’s my favorite,” Ed says. And when it comes to the order that directed the Department of Defense to draw up a 30-day plan to defeat ISIS, Ed says: “30 days have gone by, and some of you may be wondering why we haven’t heard anything else about it. Maybe that’s because they don’t want the enemy to find out what we’re doing!” He concludes with the America First Offshore Energy Strategy, which Trump signed on Friday morning.

In the second half, we’re continuing with the first 100 days topic with Ed talking about the challenges Presidents throughout history have faced in their first 100 days. Check these out:

There’s even more, so tune in to the show to hear it!

Ed is also covering the government shutdown that Trump avoided this week by making two major concessions to Democrats, and the White House’s new tax reform proposal. Believe it or not, Ed isn’t impressed with all of it – but he breaks down what each of the proposed changes could do for Americans. You’ll also get the latest immigration news, including the federal judge order to reverse Trump’s executive order on sanctuary cities and the innovative bill introduced by Ted Cruz to have the assets of drug lord El Chapo pay for the border wall. There’s a lot happening this week, and you can hear it all on The Main Event.

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