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This week, Ed welcomes Joey Jones back to the show to discuss everything that’s going on in foreign policy – and this week, that’s a lot! If you missed him on Fox News Channel discussing Syria, you’ll hear it on this week’s show in addition to some banter on the big United Airlines story everyone’s talking about. “I have a hard time believing a plane load of people going to Chicago didn’t take an offer of $1,000 to give up their seat,” Ed says. “I can,” Joey says. “You couldn’t pay me enough to give up my seat. They would have had to drag me off the flight too.”

Next, it’s on to a deep dive foreign policy discussion. As you recall, President Trump authorized airstrikes last week against the Syrian airbase where the Assad regime launched a chemical attack against innocent civilians, and even liberals are having a hard time criticizing him for it. As a military analyst with years of experience, Joey agrees with the experts who are supportive of the action. “I don’t look at this as a military action at all,” Joey says. “This is posturing and submission.” Tune in to find out what that means; it’s a fascinating analogy, and Joey’s expertise on these matters is always enlightening.

In the first few days after the strike, everyone from John Kerry to Chuck Schumer said the President did the right thing – but now, the narrative is slightly shifting. Ed plays one example from CNN, where Brooke Baldwin was clearly surprised by what a Syrian refugee living in Germany had to say about our President because it was so positive. In response, she said things like, “Was his response enough?” Here’s Joey’s take: “When you can’t quite disagree with everything someone does, you just consider it inadequate,” he says. “It’s a crazy world when a left-leaning anchor in 2017 says, ‘Was there enough military force?’ They just believe in opposing something.” You’ll also hear this refugee’s compelling response to Hillary Clinton. “I didn’t see you raising your voice against President Obama’s inaction that made us into refugees,” he says. “This is hypocrisy. If you really want to help us, help us stay in our country. Help us build safe zones.” This man’s words are powerful, and anyone on the fence about Trump’s travel ban, the Syrian airstrikes and other aspects of our Middle Eastern policy needs to hear them.

In the second half, the Syria discussion continues with Russia entering the conversation. “I hope that Russia, along with the U.S., understands this can’t become a proxy war for us,” Joey says. “If we end up taking military action and my brothers and sisters go over there…I’ve got to know that there’s a well thought-out end game.” As for whether Russia knew about Assad’s plan to carry out a chemical attack on his own people, “I think at this point it’s obvious,” Joey says. “We have major problems with Russia; it makes you wonder if we missed out on Mitt Romney, because he talked about this when he was running against President Obama.” If you haven’t yet heard the comments from the Russian Foreign Minister alongside our Secretary of State this week, tune in to hear them along with other important developments in this tangled foreign policy triangle.

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