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This week, Ed is aiming to expose not just Hillary Clinton, but Bill Clinton as well. No, this isn’t just about adulterous behavior; it’s not even about sexual assault. This is about the Clinton casualties list – in other words, the suspicious deaths of more than 50 people with ties to the Clintons over the past 40 years. You may have heard of a few of them, like Vince Foster and James McDougal – but unless you’ve done your research, you’ll be hearing most of these people’s names for the first time. From Clinton lawyers to business associates to bodyguards to mistresses and a little-known White House intern, there are people whose stories were never told because they died mysteriously before they could tell them. This week’s The Main Event is a show like no other; if you’ve always wondered whether the so-called “Clinton body count” or “Clinton casualties” list could be real – but like many people, you’ve been afraid of being called a conspiracy theorist – tune in to the show this week! You won’t be disappointed as Ed reads through the list of 56 people who have died untimely, accidental or otherwise suspicious deaths, all of them with ties to the Clintons. Ed’s comprehensive list begins in 1977 – the year Bill Clinton became Arkansas Attorney General – and ends in 2016, just about three weeks ago! “Is this starting to feel like a mafia movie?” Ed says.[spacer height=”20px”]

As he reads story after story of Clinton associates whose deaths were ruled “suicides” despite dying with gunshot wounds to the backs of their heads, he says, “If you don’t think that’s evidence of anything weird going on…” this is truly a show not to be missed, whether you have ever been interested in the Clinton body count or not. There’s a good chance you won’t think it’s all a “far right conspiracy” once you’re done listening.Here’s a preview of people you can research in advance of the show:[spacer height=”20px”]
–     White House intern Mary Mahoney
–     Clinton attorney Charles Ruff
–     U.S. Secretary of Commerce Ron Brown
–     Commerce Department employee Barbara Wise
–     Jerry Luther Parks (and what Linda Tripp said about him)
–     Ed Willey (and what wife Kathleen, a Clinton sexual assault accuser, said about her suspicions)
–     The “Boys on the Tracks” in Arkansas and all the friends of the boys who died while their murder was being investigated[spacer height=”20px”]

The ways that these people (and the other dozens of people Ed will talk about) died range from the dubious back-of-the-head “suicide” shot, to mysterious and unidentified illnesses, to falling from high rise skyscrapers (“People who know the Clintons seem to like to jump from tall buildings”), Ed says. And even if the subject of Clinton casualties is a little too uncomfortable, you’ll want to tune in to have some of their more well-known scandals explained. For instance: Ever wondered what Whitewater and Travelgate were really about? Ed simplifies them both for us on this week’s show.The bottom line of this week’s show can be summed up in these three comments from Ed:[spacer height=”20px”]
–     “I want you to know who this lady (Hillary Clinton) is.”
–     “I don’t think Trump did all this stuff to women – but if he did, there’s a kind of person who does that…and then there’s a whole other kind of person who has people killed.”
–     “Does this sound like the kind of person you want to vote for? I don’t think so.”[spacer height=”20px”]

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