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This week, Ed uses a scene from the movie “Miracle” to start the show with a sober reminder: “It’s not about Trump. It’s not about Hillary Clinton. It’s about the United States of America.” Ed hopes voters will remember what is at stake and vote with that in mind above all.

The Final Debate

Like many listeners, Ed believes Trump had a great night at the debate Wednesday. He points out that Hillary had the first gaffe of the night. When the candidates were asked about District of Columbia v. Heller (a 2008 Supreme Court case involving gun rights), Trump pointed out how angry Hillary was about the late Justice Scalia’s decision in the case. What happened next was Hillary’s claim that “dozens of toddlers kill people with guns every year.” Ed jokes, “Now there’s going to be an open ban on toddlers in America.”

Next, we’re talking about the strange way Hillary turned the immigration portion of the debate into an accusation that Trump has ties to Russia and Vladimir Putin. Ed uses it as an opportunity to tell listeners that 10 months after the terror attack in San Bernardino (“No matter where you’re listening, that’s not that far”), the U.S. government is placing Syrian refugees in San Bernardino County. “Just this year, 23 refugees were dumped off in the city of Victorville,” he says. “I know you don’t know about it, but google it: Syrian refugees in Victorville. They’re there, and they haven’t been vetted.”

New Revelations this Week

And as the first half winds down, Ed talks about the real people behind the violence at some of the early Trump rallies: the Democrat party and Hillary herself. You’ll hear proof that the DNC and Hillary’s campaign placed operatives on the ground in Chicago to start fist fights, some of whom were mentally ill and all of whom were paid. “Google Project Veritas rigged election,” Ed says. He plays a short clip from Project Veritas’s most recent video featuring the Democratic operatives behind the sinister mission, as well as Trump’s comments on it during the debate.

In the second half, you’ll get a taste of what Ed has in store as we move closer to the election: a series that exposes Hillary Clinton for who she really is. That includes the most recent WikiLeaks, which show that Hillary’s aides were deeply upset that the shooters in the San Bernardino terror attack last December weren’t white. “They don’t want you to focus on the fact that we have a terrorism problem,” Ed says. He also talks about Obama’s motivations for hiding the truth about Benghazi: to make Americans think he had terrorism under control, and revelations on the Clinton Foundation, where women make less than men (unless they’re Chelsea Clinton). “You can say Trump hates women,” Ed says, “but I haven’t heard a single woman working for Trump say that the make less than the men. I’ve only heard that about the Clinton Foundation.”

Speaking of the Clinton Foundation, there’s a lot to talk about this week; some of it from WikiLeaks, some of it from Trump at the debate, and some of it that people who have seen the Dinesh D’Souza film “Hillary’s America” already knew. “All these people donated money to help the people of Haiti,” Ed says. “They donated millions of dollars, and 90% of it disappeared.” As we get closer to the election, you can’t afford to miss this week’s show!

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