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  1. Nothing is going to change. In 1974 when my father was murdered the man that did it was on parole. Was supposed to see his therapist that day had treated him so what did he do. Nothing didn’t call anyone just closed his office. His job caught him in the bathroom stabbing himself with a pocket knife what did they do nothing . Told him to leave and not come back. New he was on parole but didn’t call any one. When he left he told them he was going to the desert to shoot Jack rabbits. Which in 24 hours with a road block over one hundred miles away from the first shooting he managed to kill three people a wounded 11. The cars were his Jack rabbits. No one took any of the blame but all should have there we’re many sign in the first 24hr that would have only changed the killer not his victims and there family’s. George Floyd family in No time got millions of dollars because someone didn’t do the right thing. When . My dad was murdered you couldn’t sue anyone that worked for the state for not watching a criminal all ready on parole. My mom got social security for three years. I know how No one speaking up changed whole family in so many ways. I’m sure all the other family to. I can’t tell you in forty years why people don’t speak up it only takes one.

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