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The Main Event – October 13, 2017

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Las Vegas Shooting Conspiracy Theories

Ed returns from vacation this week, and the theme of the show is “truth.” It starts with a timeless scene from “A Few Good Men” and the classic Tom Petty song “I Need to Know.” Ed ties that in to the questions surrounding the Las Vegas shooting and the public’s justifiable demand for the truth about the incident. Thanks to the shifting timeline of the LVPD and the FBI, the secrecy surrounding the “not a suicide” note in his room, and the fact that Paddock’s home was mysteriously broken into this week, Las Vegas shooting conspiracy theories are starting to emerge (some more credible than others). You’ll hear one of them on this week’s show, and it just might blow your mind.

The Gun Control Factor

Meanwhile, this tragedy is still being treated as a gun control matter. As you may have heard, the NRA has agreed that outlawing the “bumpstock” devices Paddock used is an acceptable measure – and many gun owners are saying they’d never even heard of bumpstocks before this shooting. “I know I hadn’t,” Ed says. “And I don’t think there’s any reason for anybody to have it.”

Harvey Weinstein, Hollywood Pig

This week, Hollywood mogul Harvey Weinstein was fired from his own movie production company amid allegations of sexual harassment and sexual assault on women that has reportedly gone on for years. Ed recaps the timeline of the story on Hollywood’s “open secret” that Weinstein is a serial sexual predator. “He sounds like a guy who lived in the White House for a while,” Ed says – and speaking of the Clintons, we talk about Hillary’s hypocrisy on this mess as well. “Let’s compare this to Hillary Clinton’s husband,” Ed says. “Very similar.”

And don’t forget…

  • Weinstein was one of many celebrities who donated to Bill Clinton’s legal defense fund in the 90s during the impeachment trial. Along with Tom Hanks, Barbra Streisand, Michael Douglas, Ron Howard and Steven Spielberg, Weinstein donated $10,000 to help Bill Clinton – who was still the sitting President – pay his lawyers.
  • Weinstein held fundraisers for Hillary’s presidential campaign at his homes in Manhattan and Beverly Hills, raising millions of dollars.
  • The DNC says it will donate the $30,000 Weinstein has given them over the years to “Emily’s List,” which is not even a charity; it’s a PAC that aims to help elect pro-choice Democratic women into office. The DNCCC says it will donate its money from Weinstein to “various women’s charities” – but Hillary Clinton says there’s “no one to give the money back to” in her case(?), and that she’ll just give 10% of her income to charity like she already does. “That means her foundation,” Ed says, “which gets funneled through Teneo Holdings and goes straight in her and Bill’s pockets.”

“Follow the money,” Ed says. “You’ll find out how this country was being run before Trump.”

Healthcare Executive Order

After a summer of failed health care reform bills in Congress, the White House announced Thursday that President Trump is taking executive action in an effort to provide more alternatives to health insurance. Trump’s executive order will help people purchase insurance across state lines in order to expand access and lower costs.

The plan asks the Secretary of Labor to expand access to “association health plans” and allows consumers to go across state lines to purchase insurance that could be more affordable or tailored to a person’s needs. And for those of you who tend to side with Rand Paul on healthcare, good news: Rand Paul likes this! He was standing behind the President when this was announced. Ed has thoughts on this one – and if you’re a regular listener to the show, you know health insurance is one of his favorite topics to address.

NFL Boycott on Veterans Day?

The National Football League attempted to bring the National Anthem debate to a close this week, with NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell sending a letter to all 32 teams on Tuesday that urged them to “move past” this PR nightmare. We talk about the letter, the player’s reaction and Ed’s support for the NFL boycott movement on Veteran’s Day that’s being driven by the “How I Feel” essay you may have seen on social media this week. Don’t miss this week’s show!


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