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Filling in for Ed Hoffman

Ed and his wife Dawn are on a two-week cruise of the Panama Canal, so filling in as always is Scott. In the second half, Scott has Troy Worden of the Berkeley College Republicans to talk about the most recent attempt to shut down Milo and other big voices on the right during the university’s Free Speech Week. But in the first half, we’re talking about…

The NFL Kneeldown Mess

As you know, the NFL has come under fire from conservatives for siding with their unpatriotic players who kneel during the National Anthem. The President has also come under fire for commenting on it this week. During Thursday night’s Packers vs. Bears game, fans were encouraged to link arms during the National Anthem as a “call to solidarity”

“What’s a ‘solidarity’ call?” asks Ed’s fill-in host Scott. “What’s their solidarity for? Just be thankful you don’t live in North Korea.” On that note, here’s some interesting info on NFL salaries:

Speaking of Colin Kaepernick, Nancy Pelosi can’t say his name correctly and it’s hilarious. You’ll hear it on this week’s show.

Trump Tax Reform

President Donald Trump announced the framework of his tax plan Wednesday afternoon, promising that it would restore the American dream for working families. Let’s look at the details of this program:

There’s a lot to go over, and Scott breaks it down in Ed’s absence.

Jeff Sessions Fights the Free Speech War

Attorney General Jeff Sessions has announced a plan to intervene in the war on free speech on college campuses. His plan includes to file a “statement of interest” in various free speech cases the Justice Department is following, and lawsuits if necessary. Although there are lefty blogs mocking him, AG Sessions is determined to make a difference – and after all, didn’t Obama’s media fans praise Eric Holder for taking up fights the left believed in?

Berkeley College Republicans Interview

Speaking of free speech: In the second half, Scott is talking to Berkeley College Republicans president Troy Worden on the issues that surrounded the school’s uphill battle to hold a Free Speech Week. “The alt-left will attempt to target you if you appear in the media,” Troy Worden says. “But it’s really not that difficult if you have a great team and support behind you.” Troy tells Scott that he’s very proud of what he has done to make a difference on the largely liberal Berkeley campus. “Things get really dangerous here,” he says of the Antifa-friendly climate at Berkeley. “They’ll put up posters with your face on it…they’ll stop at nothing to try to intimidate you. But not backing down this age of political division is the key to your success.” In addition to describing how the university’s biggest events during Free Speech Week were shut down, Troy tells his fellow conservative students: “We need you here. You didn’t make a mistake coming here; you actually did yourself a favor.” This is a great interview you don’t want to miss!

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