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Confronting a Congressman

This week, Ed starts the show by describing his confrontation with Republican Congressman Ken Calvert (watch it here!). Here’s the reason for his frustration: “We’re Republicans…we want to stay dignified, because we’re business owners…so we don’t want to raise our voices, and we don’t want to say any bad words. And that’s why we don’t get anything done.”

The rest of the first half is all about the bipartisanship and triangulation the President has demonstrated, working with Democrats on a host of issues. Here’s a recap:

Tax Reform and Republican Nicknames

While we’re talking about tax reform, Ed says: “You want real tax reform? Don’t start at the current tax code. Let’s go back to a friend of mine, Herman Cain, who had a bold solution: ‘999.’ That’s a 9% sales tax, a 9% income tax for everybody and a 9% corporate tax. Imagine what that could do.” He has more thoughts on this, and they make way too much sense.

Ed’s also got new nicknames for the Republican leadership:

And speaking of leadership, Minority Leader Chuck Schumer was caught on a hot mic this week. What he said proves he doesn’t think as badly of his old friend Donald Trump has he would like us to believe. “Moron,” Ed says. “He didn’t know he was on the mic.”

The calls have been rolling in about the annual 9/11 show! We put a link to it on the home page so you can hear it anytime.

DACA Deal and Hillary’s Book

In the second half, we hit on the deal Trump is nearing with Democrat leadership on DACA (the Dream Act). “He better not make any deal on DACA without absolute funding for the wall,” Ed says. “Like Newt Gingrich says, we can’t do any immigration reform without having the border sealed. Remember: As soon as Obama started talking about DACA, we had kids coming over here on trains because there was word they were going to get to stay.”

Then it’s time to talk about Hillary Clinton’s blame game book tour. “I could be talking about how Judicial Watch just got a bunch of Huma Abedin’s emails, but that just happened this morning,” Ed says. Since we don’t know what’s in them yet, that’s on the shelf until next week – but in the meantime, there’s Hillary’s book What Happened.

On her press tour for the book this week, Mrs. Clinton blamed the following for her loss:

Finally, Hillary’s blame game tour wouldn’t be complete if she forgot to blame former FBI Director James Comey, who she called “the determining factor” in her loss. All of this led at least one person in the mainstream media to question whether Hillary wants to take any responsibility for her own loss: Matt Lauer of the Today Show. His question – and her response – are pretty amusing.

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