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Las Vegas Shooting and Gun Control

Ed is still floating on the ocean and loving every minute of it, so Scott fills in for one more week. As everyone knows, 58 people were killed and another 489 injured in Las Vegas this week when 64-year-old Stephen Paddock fired hundreds of rounds on the crowd at the Route 91 Harvest music festival from the window of his Mandalay Bay hotel room. The act is being called the deadliest mass shooting by a lone gunman in modern U.S. history. Paddock was reportedly found dead in his suite from a self-inflicted gunshot wound.

“Pray for those people who are now fighting for their lives in hospital rooms,” Scott says. “Many of us knew people who were impacted by this – but what does the left do? Naturally, they want to make it about politics.” On this week’s show, you’ll hear all the late night talk show hosts who are now legislative experts: Trevor Noah from The Daily Show, Steven Colbert and Jimmy Kimmel. “All this talk begs the question,” Scott says, “What is the gun law that would have made a difference in this case?”

Also in the first half, Scott has a top ten you don’t want to miss and a great clip on the NFL kneeldown.

California Gas Tax Repeal Effort, Assemblyman Travis Allen Running for Governor

In the second half, our guest is State Assemblyman Travis Allen. He’s spreading the word on the effort to repeal the costly gas tax the Democrats in Sacramento are foisting on the hard-working taxpayers of California.

“None of these taxes are going to build new freeways in the state,” Allen says. “If you hate traffic now, you’re going to hate it even more when you’re paying an extra $2.50 every time you go to the gas station.”

“It’s the only measure that’s made it this far that’s going to give us a chance to vote on repealing the gas tax,” he says. “We should have petitions out within three weeks or so. Go on to sign up so you can help get signatures.” Allen also states that he will be running for governor of California in 2018 – breaking news!

As the show closes, Allen addresses the news this week that Governor Jerry Brown has just made California a sanctuary state. “They’re going to use your taxpayer dollars to protect people who are not here legally, and committing crimes while they’re here. This is why we’ve had double increases in violent crime in the last 10 years…and if you’re sick and tired of Jerry Brown and his cronies running us into the ground, it’s time for a new governor.”

Assemblyman Travis Allen urges everyone to throw their support behind him, because he’s running for governor of California in 2018. “Go on Facebook and like the page ‘Join Travis Allen,'” he says. “The way that we truly win is to become a household name.” Tune in to the show this week to hear more! Ed will be back next week, ready to resume the show and give it to you straight. If you missed Ed, let him know by calling The Main Event listener hotline at (855) 640-2092!

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