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The Uranium One Investigation

This week, the Senate Judiciary Committee opened an investigation into the sale of 20% of America’s uranium to Russia during Obama’s presidency – remember that this is the deal that involved millions of dollars in kickbacks, much of which mysteriously made its way to the Clinton Foundation? Of course you do! Follow the bouncing ball on this story and see where it leads:

“People are too busy worrying about the Dodgers, so hopefully they’re listening to this,” Ed says.

Draining the RINO Swamp

After a much-publicized Twitter feud with President Trump, Senator Bob Corker of Tennessee announced that he won’t seek reelection when his term ends next year. But it’s Senator Jeff Flake of Arizona who’s getting all the attention this week; Flake made the same announcement as Corker, but in a way that was much more appealing to the media. So the media praised Flake for this all week long – but when they tried goading him into saying words like “impeachment” or “high crimes and misdemeanors,” Flake did some pretty weak backtracking.

Tax Reform isn’t Boring!

In the second half, Ed is talking to Southern California CPA Brooke Horspool about the framework of the President’s tax reform agenda. The bill isn’t ready yet, but its details are being negotiated in the House and Senate as we speak. “You’re hearing people make a lot of noise,” Ed says, and that’s why he brought in an expert to answer the questions people may have.

“I’m really encouraged by the framework so far,” Brooke says. “It mentions doubling the standard deduction, lowering tax brackets and eliminating the death and estate tax.” Additionally, it outlines lowering the corporate tax rate, which Brooke says “can be very beneficial.” Ed’s opinion: “I don’t just think it’s beneficial; I think it’s mandatory.” This week, the President said the plan includes the lowest small business tax rate since 1931 – is that true? “It is,” Brooke says, and of course Ed is excited for the job creation that will likely ensue.

This is one discussion on tax reform that makes the topic interesting (your eyes will not glaze over!). Think tax reform doesn’t apply to you? If you have a 401 (k), own a home or have a job, it does – so be sure to tune in! And if you’re interested in speaking to Southern California CPA Brooke Horspool about your taxes or other personal accounting needs, call him at (951) 684-9167.

There’s more this week, including Ed’s thoughts on the opioid crisis, the mortgage interest deduction and lots of other news!

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