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Lies from a Congresswoman 

This week, Frederica Wilson (the African-American Congresswoman from Miami who wears flashy cowboy hats) is going around claiming President Trump made an insensitive remark to the widow of Sergeant David Johnson on the phone. According to Wilson, the remark in question is: “He knew what he was getting into, but it hurts anyway, I guess.” We have yet to hear this story from the widow herself – and on this week’s show, we play audio of Rep. Wilson on ABC’s The View. Listen to her dodge all questions that mildly challenge her story – most notably, when she is asked whether they were even on speakerphone and whether Johnson’s widow plans to make her own public confirmation of Wilson’s story. Tune in and make your own decision – and be sure to listen to General John Kelly, White House Chief of Staff, as he gave the proper context we needed to fully understand the story in a press conference Thursday. “It’s just amazing to me that a Congresswoman can take an event like this and make it such a damn circus,” Ed concludes.

Dismantling the Obama Legacy

This week, the Trump administration demonstrated a solid commitment to dismantling the Obama legacy, starting with the Iran nuclear deal. Remember, one of the conditions of the deal was that Congress requires the President to re-evaluate (or “recertify”) the agreement every 90 days. The most recent deadline was this week on October 15, when the President chose not to recertify the deal. Democrats don’t like this because everything Barack Obama did was sacred to them – but the President has the support of cabinet members like National Security Advisor H.R. McMaster and you’ll hear him explain why on this week’s show. “You can’t get a good deal from a bad guy,” Ed says, and that’s what people need to remember when it comes to this entire nuclear agreement. The other signature piece of the Obama legacy, Obamacare, continues to stay on the chopping block and Ed will bring you up to speed on this week’s developments in addition to a personal anecdote that underscores the need for “healthcare, not just health insurance.”

Uranium One: The Other Russia Scandal

As the show winds down, it’s on to that “other Russian scandal” that’s finally gaining ground: that time the Obama administration gave the Russian government control of 20% of America’s uranium by approving the sale of the company Uranium One, and there was an undeniable connection to Bill and Hillary because Russian nuclear officials routed millions of dollars to the Clinton Foundation. Remember that? If so, you must have read the book Clinton Cash. “Wait a minute,” Ed says. “Is Russia trying to influence American nuclear investments? Next, you’re going to tell me they’re trying to influence our elections.” This is a complex story that has many layers, so be sure to tune in this week to get the major points.

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