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This week is the Thanksgiving show, so Ed starts out by saying what he’s thankful for. “I’m thankful that Trump’s going to make America great again – actually, that we’re all going to make America great again,” he says. Ed reads a fascinating story from libertarian, Fox Business host and knowledgeable history buff John Stossel about the pilgrims almost starving before the first Thanksgiving because of the socialist economy they had established; if you haven’t heard this before, it will open your eyes for sure. It’s a Thanksgiving history lesson every conservative needs to hear! “Play this for your kids every year,” Ed says, “so they can understand this stuff.”

Next it’s on to talking about Trump’s ongoing cabinet picks, and Ed starts it out by addressing someone that is still being maligned almost two weeks after he was named: Trump’s Chief Strategist Steve Bannon, also the current publisher of Breitbart News. “Somewhere along the way, Breitbart became known as an ‘alt-right’ website even though there are Jews, gays and other people who write for the site and deny this,” Ed says. “But plenty of people who know Bannon say that they don’t know where these allegations of white supremacy came from.” Ed will play one perspective on Bannon that might surprise you: NPR host Steve Inskeep host saying he doesn’t really know where it came from, either. “He doesn’t seem to be an overt racist,” Inskeep says, “but he seems to be a guy who wants to break a lot of China.” Ed replies, “Whatever that means.”

But because the liberal media loves to cry racism, these allegations aren’t stopping at Steve Bannon. Now that Trump has chosen General Mike Flynn to be National Security Advisor, the media is painting a dark picture of him (ironic, since he’s a registered Democrat and Obama appointee). In response to a clip of Meet the Press host Chuck Todd asking, “Does President Trump agree with Mike Flynn that fear of Muslims is rational?” Ed says, “I don’t know, does anyone in San Bernardino think that fear of Muslims is rational after they were attacked by Syed Farook?”

Next, Trump named Congressman Mike Pompeo the next Director of the CIA. A former Army Officer, Pompeo is a member of the House Intelligence Committee; on this week’s show, you’ll hear ABC’s election night crybaby Martha Raddatz sounding appalled that Pompeo would support advanced interrogation techniques of terrorists.

Then it’s on to Trump’s pick for Attorney General, Senator Jeff Sessions. Because he’s from Alabama, the left wants us to think he’s racist (of course). “I don’t know, it’s hard to say that someone is a racist if they awarded the Congressional Medal of Honor to people who marched on Selma,” Ed says. “All because he called somebody ‘boy’.” Tune in this week to hear a fiery response from Sheriff David Clarke, which Ed agrees with wholeheartedly, as well as a smackdown from Senator Lindsey Graham. “Anybody that Donald Trump puts in his cabinet, people are going to criticize,” Ed says. “Especially from CNN, the Communist News Network.” He urges people to “think about what you said 30 years ago” when it comes to the media’s treatment of Trump’s cabinet picks.

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