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Election day was just over a week ago, but everyone’s already talking about who Trump will appoint to his cabinet. The first announcement came Sunday: that RNC Chair Reince Priebus will be his Chief of Staff. “I was kind of hoping for Newt Gingrich,” Ed says. “You need someone who’s smart, has Trump’s respect and can steer him.”

A string of public figures visited Trump Tower this week to meet with Trump for consideration.  The positions they are being considered for include:

Attorney General, where the contenders are said to be former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani, Senator Jeff Sessions or – to the surprise of everyone – Senator Ted Cruz, Trump’s #1 rival during the primaries. “I think Ted Cruz would be good for the Supreme Court,” Ed says.

Secretary of State, for which the candidates are former United States Ambassador to the UN John Bolton, Senator Bob Corker, former House Speaker Newt Gingrich, and South Carolina Governor Nicky Haley – and as of Thursday afternoon, 2012 Republican nominee Mitt Romney was added to the list! “I used to be a fan of his,” Ed says.

Secretary of Homeland Security, for which Trump is considering Maricopa County Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio, Milwaukee County Wisconsin Sheriff David Clarke, and – once again – both Rudy Giuliani and Jeff Sessions. (Giuliani and Sessions are said to be able to choose any position they want because of their loyalty during the campaign).

National Security Advisor, which General Mike Flynn was just appointed to!

Secretary of Health and Human Services, former Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal (because he was secretary of the Louisiana Department of Health and Hospitals), and Florida Governor Rick Scott (who was chief executive of a large hospital chain). One person has already turned the job down: Dr. Ben Carson, and Ed will defend that decision on this week’s show. “I love Ben Carson,” Ed says. “I think he just wants to keep his lifestyle, jump in to help whenever he wants and then jump out and go back to his private life.”

The media has been putting pressure on Trump to make fast cabinet appointments, covering his transition non-stop even though it’s only been two weeks since the election. Guess how long other Presidents in recent history took to start making cabinet appointments? Obama took 3 weeks; Bush, Clinton, Reagan and Nixon all took 6 weeks. So Newt Gingrich is telling the media to back off. “It’s amazing that they don’t want to give him time to prepare,” Ed says. “Trump has been criticized for saying dumb stuff when he didn’t have time to think about it. Take all the time you want; you have 60 days until you’re President.” Speaking of being prepared, Ed reminds us of the time Hillary bragged about being prepared in the second debate, and saying she was “prepared to be President.” “I guess that was wasted time, huh Hillary?” Ed says.

As the first half closes out, you’ll hear how Ed believes Trump’s energy policies will likely make a positive impact on the nation: “In comes Donald Trump, who lowers the corporate tax, reduces regulations and opens up the land to drilling, which creates a whole bunch of jobs. Maybe then, the oil companies can charge $40 a barrel, everybody’s working again, and we stop buying oil from the Middle East. It makes things better for everybody; it’s cause and effect.”

“People say Trump doesn’t understand foreign relations,” Ed says. “Bull. Trump understands money, which makes nations run.”

In the second half, we’re talking about the media meltdown this week when Trump went to dinner without the press pool on Tuesday. You’ll hear a few of the most annoying reporters who were on camera this week whining about it, including the shrill CNN reporter who called it “a matter of national security” (Ed’s response: “I never thought of the press as being important to national security”) and the Politico reporter saying that “God forbid something should happen to Donald Trump,” the press should be there to cover it. “Oh you mean like if someone shot him from the book depository, or he was attacked by a terrorist?” Ed says. There were more than a few journalists who pretended to be concerned about a possible Trump assassination this week, giving that as their reason for outrage over his media-free dinner.

You’ll also hear about the actions of moronic protestors around the country, including:

“All because he said Mexico doesn’t send us their best people, and we have to vet people who come in from Muslim countries,” Ed says. “That’s their reason.”

As the show comes to a close, Ed’s talking about the worst propositions we passed in California last week. “You dumb asses out there voted for it,” Ed says of Proposition 57. “Sorry, cops.”

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