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This week, Ed opens with a powerful clip from the original “Willie Wonka and the Chocolate Factory” movie from the 1970s. He ties it into current events: “People are talking about stupid stuff,” he says. “They’re talking about Melania’s dress, Russian collusion…and there’s nothing there. They lose!” Tune in this week to hear the connection! You’ll also get Ed’s reminder to call him at (855) 640-2020 if you need real estate financing.

Next, it’s on to the news of the week, starting with President Trump’s first official overseas trip. “I was filled with pride,” Ed says. “He was presidential, he wasn’t aggressive, and he didn’t back down on the things we believe.” He cites the President’s speech in Saudi Arabia on Sunday, where Trump stood firm on terror in front of dozens of Arab leaders, while still remaining respectful of the culture.

Regardless, CNN pointed to Trump’s criticism of Obama bowing to Saudi leaders in 2009 to call him a hypocrite (because he bent down to receive the Collar of Abdulaziz Al Saud, the kingdom’s highest civilian honor). “I just don’t see it that way,” Ed says. “If the king gives you an award and it goes around your neck, and you’re taller than the king, you bend over to let him put it around your head. I don’t see that as bowing.” Ed also has insight on the $110 billion “arms deal” the President signed with the Saudis this week, pointing out the fact that the deal was already in progress under Obama and it will create numerous American jobs. You’ll also get Ed’s take on why Saudi Arabia was not included in the President’s travel ban; it’s simple logic you need to hear. Compare the presence Trump had on the world stage this week (not only in Saudi Arabia, but also in Israel, the Vatican and the NATO G7 Summit in Brussels), and you have a stark comparison to Obama’s “Apology Tour” in 2009.

Moving on, Ed and his guest Scott will talk about the terror attack in Manchester, England which killed 22 people, many of them young women and girls. As of Friday, 10 were arrested, including the father and brother of deceased bomber Salman Abedi. You may have heard Dr. Sebastian Gorka’s insight this week that “dates matter to terrorists,” and that May 22 was the fourth anniversary of the killing of British soldier Fusilier Lee Rigby by two young converts to Islam. Dr. Gorka points out that Benghazi happened on a 9/11 anniversary, and Ed agrees: “On 9/11, maybe you should be ramping up the security all over the world, because it’s 9/11.” Furthermore, there’s an argument to be made for Trump’s travel ban now – and of course, yet another court of appeals (the Fourth Circuit, this time) struck down the executive order this week to make a political point.

In the second half, it’s on to the President’s proposed budget for 2018. Ed was thrilled with Office of Management and Budget Director Mick Mulvaney on Tuesday. “He tells it like it is,” Ed says, when it comes to the federal budget. If you missed Mulvaney answering questions on the budget this week, tune in to The Main Event to hear it; as you hear him tell reporters that we need “balance between people who get the benefits and the people who pay them,” you just might find yourself cheering him on. In response to those who cry that people will “go hungry” because of cuts to the SNAP (food stamp) program, Ed says: “No they won’t. They’ll go to work.”

As the show closes, you’ll get the latest chapter in the ongoing saga of former FBI Director James Comey (yes, there’s more!)…and much to the delight of the media, it supposedly involves the Russians. Tune in to hear it – and if you need real estate financing, call Ed at (855) 640-2020.

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