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This week, Ed starts the show with a promise to “help you see where the media tries to steer us in a particular direction” – but first, a reminder that if you’re looking for a home loan in California or Arizona, Ed can help you find the missing piece in your real estate financing puzzle. “Call me at (855) 640-2020,” he says.

First up, we’re talking about the aftermath of the healthcare bill failure. President Trump is telling people it’s not over yet, and Ed wishes it would be. “I hate to disagree with the President,” he says, “but I think they went about this all wrong.” Ed, who happens to be a whiz with numbers, calculates how many people really have insurance because of Obamacare and says, “So for those 3.9 million people, they had to mess up insurance for all of us.” And when it comes to the ongoing feud with Trump and the Freedom Caucus, Paul Ryan is actually empathizing with the President – to which Ed says, “I wonder if he heard Judge Jeanine (and her calls for Ryan to resign) and he’s trying to save his political career.” You’ll also hear from a few people who are a bit confused about how the health insurance system works, and you’ll hear Ed set them straight; as part of that discussion, you’ll hear him reveal some little-known secrets of business owners who take advantage of tax laws. The first half is chock full of valuable info from Ed, so tune in for the whole show!

Next, it’s on to the House Intelligence Committee investigation into the alleged Russian interference in our election, which gave way to allegations that Obama administration officials had Trump transition team members under surveillance. Ed has all the relevant developments of the week, from Intelligence Committee Chairman Devin Nunes telling reporters he will not recuse himself and the investigation is moving forward, to Congressman Trey Gowdy saying, “I don’t care if the information comes from the White House or the Waffle House,” because what matters is the substance of the information – “not the means by which it was acquired.” For those who are unclear on the details, Ed recaps what’s happened over the past couple of weeks. You’ll also hear from Obama administration official Evelyn Farkas, who admitted to MSNBC earlier this month that she played a big role in actively spying on Trump team members. “I’m going on TV, I’m going to say this stuff and people are going to think I’m cool,” Ed says of her. “Does she not realize that the other side is watching? That’s pretty damning, what she said.”

This segues into a discussion on Hillary Clinton, because most people forget that she had established, undeniable ties with the Russian government. This is an incredible story you need to hear. Not to give everything away, here are some hints:

“I don’t know if this means anything to you, but it kind of bothers me that people are talking about Trump considering all of this,” Ed says. “Does anybody feel like this is dirty?” Those of you who read the book Clinton Cash will love this, and those who didn’t need to hear it for the first time.

As the show closes, Ed recaps the executive orders President Trump signed this week that rolled back four Obama-era regulations. If you needed some good news, this is it!

“If you’re buying a house and you need some financing, call a guy who thinks clearly like you,” Ed reminds everyone. Reach him at (855) 640-2020.

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