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This week, Ed starts the show with a clip from the movie “Tombstone” in honor of the late Bill Paxton. “I thought about using a clip from an Academy Award movie,” Ed says, “but I realized the only one I saw this year was Hacksaw Ridge.”

Joining Ed in the studio today is guest Bob Fredericks, a local citizen who works with the group San Bernardino Survivors Speak Out to advocate for the survivors of the December 2, 2015 San Bernardino terror attack. “These survivors are finding themselves being denied medical treatments by San Bernardino County’s self-funded worker’s comp. program and its utilization review,” Bob says. Many people are unaware of the ongoing struggle that the 22 shooting survivors are experiencing. “In the immediate aftermath,”  Bob says, “the county did everything in covering medical services: hospitals, services, rehab, etc. Then later, they began to see those services denied.”

These survivors are continuing to experience serious PTSD issues, in addition to the physical trauma that comes with recovering from injuries like shattered pelvises and paralyzed limbs. “I’m surprised that the county would not recognize that,” Ed says. Bob explains the bureaucratic mess that has hampered the recovery of these survivors, and you’ll hear from three of them when Ed plays their TV interviews. The San Bernardino terror attack didn’t end on 12/2/15; the survivors are still attempting to pick up the pieces to this day, and there are ways you can help. Bob encourages listeners to visit to get involved.

In the second half, Ed is recapping President Trump’s address to Congress this week. He has analysis you haven’t heard anywhere else, particularly when it comes to the part of the speech where Trump referenced job creation; tune in this week to hear it! You’ll also hear the gasps and boos from the Democrats who apparently don’t like the idea of creating an office to help victims of violent crime by illegal immigrants. “Oh my God,” Ed mocks, “he’s talking about illegal immigrant crime. You know what? That’s reality!” He’ll also poke fun at the Democrats who sat and scowled during even the most optimistic parts of Trump’s speech – congressional leaders like Debbie Wasserman Schultz and Keith Ellison, who sat when the President talked about keeping our nation safe from terror. Ed ties it all in to the first half topic: the San Bernardino terror attack. “If they had just looked at Syed Farook and Tashfeen Malik’s social media, maybe that could have been prevented,” Ed said. His point: We finally have a President who believes those measures need to happen, and the Democrats in Congress don’t agree.

Fortunately, many in the mainstream media praised this address – including the notoriously anti-Trump Van Jones, who actually said, “He became President of the United States in that moment – period.” Wow!

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