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Ed opens this week’s show with a scene from the movie “The Firm.” He hopes it reminds us “what the government can do to anybody,” and this week’s topics are a perfect reminder of that. It starts with the House Intelligence Committee investigations into the allegations of Russian interference and collusion with the Trump campaign, including the hearing they held with FBI Director James Comey this week.

If you missed Comey admitting the FBI is investigating the whole Russia matter and Trey Gowdy grilling Comey about whether they’re investigating the equally important wiretapping allegations President Trump has made, tune in to this week’s show. “There must have been something,” Ed says about the wiretapping claims, “because Mike Flynn was making a phone call from Trump Tower and everybody knows about it and it was recorded.” When it comes to the buzzwords of the week – “unmasking” and “incidental collection” – Ed breaks it down and makes it simple. He also has a bottom line point: “If you were doing an investigation when your spouse cheated on you, would you care more about how it was done or the fact that it happened? This is all just a smokescreen.” Underscoring these thoughts is White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer, who let reporters have it this week regarding their obsession over how the committee is communicating with Trump about the information rather than what information is being uncovered. It’s a great moment, so if you aren’t able to catch the daily press briefings, tune in to The Main Event this week.

Next, it’s on to discussing the confirmation of Neil Gorsuch to the Supreme Court. “If you watched any part of these hearings, you saw the Democrats try to make Gorsuch looked bad because they disagreed with some of his decisions,” Ed says. “But if you listen to Gorsuch, he says he uses the law to make decisions, not his personal opinions.” Tune in to hear Al Franken’s grandstanding during the hearing, and get the facts on the 10th Circuit Court of Appeals case that’s being used against Gorsuch (yes, there will be a Stuart Smalley joke!).

And of course, we’re tackling the healthcare bill this week. “This seems to be changing as I’m recording,” Ed says, since the House announced they would not vote on Friday after all (a day after announcing they would not vote on Thursday after all). If you wondered why 25 Freedom Caucus members refused to support the bill this week, resulting in these tough negotiations, you’ll hear how it happened on this week’s show (hint: it involves a closed-door meeting with Rand Paul). “That’s how it’s supposed to work,” Ed says. “But we endured the last eight years of Obama, when he meets with Valerie Jarrett and then gets on TV and reads a speech off a teleprompter and doesn’t talk to anybody. He didn’t talk to the Senate or the House, because that would be working. Somebody has to initiate the communication, and that has to be the President.” Trump did that this week, meeting with various House caucus members to negotiate. Ed believes we can repeal in a separate bill, then replace later. “Then in the nine months while you draft the replacement, you can put the insurance companies to work,” he says.

As the show winds down, Ed touches on the London terror attack and reminds everyone that an American tourist died because of laxed anti-terrorism measures over there. “Europe is done,” Ed says. “In 10 or 20 years, the whole continent is going to Muslim. What do you think’s going to happen here if we do the same things as them?”

“If I sound like I make sense and you need a home loan, call me,” Ed says. “I have two ears and one mouth, and I assume God gave them to me in that proportion for a reason, so I’ll listen to you.”

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