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“I started out this show 9-and-a-half years ago,” Ed says as he opens the show, and he explains why the show was primarily about real estate back then. “People needed some guidance,” he says. “Some of those loans were really bad at the time. But now, things are changing in the mortgage market because things are changing in our economy.”

So now, Ed will be devoting a part of the show to real estate again in addition to national politics. As an experienced real estate investor, he has tips for people interested in it and you can hear them from time to time on the show. You’ll also hear various mortgage scenarios you may be able to relate to – and for those who tune in to hear about politics, Ed manages to tie it all together!

Moving on to politics, we’re talking about the two biggest legislative development this week: the House Republicans’ plan to replace Obamacare, which is currently being called the American Health Care Act. If you needed to hear the changes the Republicans are proposing, tune in to this week’s show to hear them. Ed, like many people, isn’t impressed. “There are 20 people in Congress who are medical doctors,” Ed says. “17 in the House and 3 in the Senate. Why don’t you grab all those people, get them together and have a conversation about what makes sense here.” He compares what’s going on with healthcare to what he encounters in the mortgage industry: “Instead of just worrying about rates and costs, let’s talk about what plan is best for you.”

The discussion carries over into the second half, and you don’t want to miss it; Ed’s taking on the pre-existing conditions, the costs, the mandates and more. Here’s one for thought: “If there are no pre-existing conditions, what do you even need insurance for?” You’ll also hear a fascinating idea from a local doctor in Southern California – one that involves doctors having their medical school paid for by the government provided that they start out working in hospitals that serve the underprivileged. It’s an innovative idea that shows a different way to think about healthcare.

Moving on, Ed addresses the new executive order the President signed this week to change aspects of the original travel ban order. You’ll hear clips from the three cabinet members who gave a joint press conference on it, and of course Ed will outline the key changes to the order. “Why is this so hard to understand?” Ed says to people who disagree with the President’s order. “This is why we elected Trump, because we wanted some common sense. We wanted someone to protect us.”

As the show closes, you’ll hear about the media’s unending obsession with connecting Trump to Russia. White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer laid a smackdown in Wednesday’s press briefing, and you can hear it this week on The Main Event – and, you’ll get Ed’s thoughts on those Obama wiretapping allegations.

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