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This week, Ed welcomes Roger Doyle to the show. Roger is co-owner of Think Active Shooter Consulting Group, which trains people and groups to deal with active shooter situations. “You can train anyone to shoot a gun,” Roger says, “but what happens in real life? The other person shoots back. So we train people what to do if you have a rock, but the other person is throwing a bigger rock at you. We teach people to be comfortable with a gun, and everything goes along with that. It’s not just about carrying that gun.”

Roger is also a law enforcement officer in Southern California in addition to holding a variety of certifications, one of them being Terrorism Liaison Officer. On that note, Ed and Roger also discuss the Supreme Court’s ruling this week to allow parts of the President’s travel ban – albeit not enough. “If all they have to have is a family member to come in…how do you know that person isn’t in ISIS? There have to be other rules.” Referring to events like the Orlando nightclub shooting, the San Bernardino terror attack and school shootings, Roger states, “Every tick of the hand of a watch has the potential for someone to die. These people are soft targets, unless one of them also has a gun.”

But carrying is only one part of the equation. “You have to be mentally prepared, too,” he says. “If you’re not mentally prepared to deal with that situation, you may as well roll over and be a target. If we can mentally prepare you for these types of situations, you’re going to instantly react.” Ed agrees: “Be aware. This is a new world we live in.” To learn how to get prepared for the “not if, but when” of an active shooter scenario, you can contact Roger through his website:

In the second half, Ed is talking about the news of the week. “I can’t wait until we can stop talking about Russia,” Ed says, “but here’s the good news. At least for now, some of the media focus is shifting to Obama. Thank God!” He’s referring to the new reports that the Obama administration knew about Russian meddling in our election as far back as July or August 2016 – something that wasn’t disclosed to the American people until October, weeks before the election.

In fact, Obama’s White House contacted the Kremlin on the backchannel to say they had documentation of their actions. “Wait a minute…Obama that has a backchannel to the Kremlin?” Ed says. “Three weeks ago, everyone was upset that Trump’s son-in-law had a backchannel to Russia. Can you say hypocrisy?” Ed gives a detailed timeline of the events, from August 2016 until right before the inauguration of Trump – and it’s clear evidence that the Obama administration was willing to let Russian meddling slide until they realized that Hillary Clinton might not win. “Now everything shifts,” Ed says as he talks about how the Democrats are suddenly concerned once Trump wins the presidency. “I can’t believe people are stupid enough to buy this stuff.”

One might think CNN would love this breaking news, considering they talk about Russia 24/7 – but since it focuses on Obama and not Trump, they’re at a loss. Speaking of CNN, you’ll get a recap of all the embarrassments the network has experienced this week; everyone’s talking about the President’s tweets to MSNBC hosts, but let’s not forget about CNN’s foibles with a producer admitting the network’s CEO tells them to talk about Russia day in and day out. Let’s not forget about prominent commentator Van Jones calling Russia a “nothingburger” either.

As the show closes, Ed is talking about the current state of the Senate GOP healthcare bill. You’ll get Rand Paul’s take on it, which Ed agrees with wholeheartedly. “We can clean it up,” Ed says, “without tearing it up.” In the final moments, there’s an Independence Day movie clip that’s meaningful for the holiday coming up. Don’t miss it!

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