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Border Separation Part 2

After a week of political turmoil regarding family separation at the US/Mexico border, Republicans are striving to pass comprehensive immigration legislation while Democrats are doing what they do best: obstructing Republicans and running their mouths.

The Compromise bill, which was the bill that had its vote delayed from last week, failed to pass on Wednesday.

A recap of the Compromise bill:

• It solved the family separation issue by allowing children to be detained with their parents in housing provided by the Department of Homeland Security
• It provided a path to citizenship for DACA recipients
• It had $25 billion for the wall and other border security measures
• And with Bob Goodlatte’s added proposal, it would have created a new visa program for foreign agricultural workers, plus a provision that American companies could hire 450,000 foreign workers for three years if no American workers applied for those jobs.

After Goodlatte added his 116 pages, the name of the bill was changed to “Goodlatte 2.” President Trump showed his support – but on Wednesday, the bill lost the support of every single Democrat and 112 Republicans. It failed 121-301.

Instead of passing legislation to solve the immigration crisis, Democrats like Kamala Harris would rather promote the idea of abolishing our Immigrations and Customs Enforcement agency (ICE). Meanwhile, the Department of Homeland Security is asking the Pentagon to provide 12,000 beds on military bases in order to create family detention centers – and 2,000 of those beds need to be ready in the next 45 days. Even Obama’s own DHS Secretary, Jeh Johnson, acknowledges that family detention is difficult to pull off – and, he admits that Obama deported many families who arrived here during his term.

Democrat Dog Whistles

Democrats are always accusing Republicans of using “dog whistles” (code words meant to inspire their followers to behave badly toward other groups). But this week, Democrats proved their own ability to use dog whistles – starting with the owner of the Red Hen restaurant in Lexington, Virginia. Stephanie Wilkinson claims she asked Sarah Sanders to leave because her “employees were uncomfortable” serving a member of the Trump administration. According to Sarah’s father Mike Huckabee, the harassment continued after Sanders and her family left the restaurant – and even Obama advisor David Axelrod thinks the restaurant owner was out of bounds.

After this happened to Sarah Sanders, liberal activists were inspired to harass other members of the Trump administration. DHS Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen was harassed coming out of a Mexican restaurant last week – and on Monday morning, protestors gathered outside her home to scream at her and her family.

Meanwhile, Congresswoman Maxine Waters is all for members of the Trump administration getting thrown out of restaurants; in fact, she thinks they shouldn’t be allowed to go out in public at all. Yep…dog whistles!

This Week’s Testimonies

In the second half: The House Oversight and Judiciary committees are investigating the Justice Department and FBI’s conduct during the 2016 election, and this week they called several of the players to the Hill to testify. Here are the highlights you’ll hear about on this week’s show:

• FBI agent Peter Strozk, who texted about his anti-Trump bias with his mistress and FBI lawyer Lisa Page throughout 2016, testified behind closed doors on Tuesday.
• On Thursday, Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein testified in open committee. South Carolina Congressman Trey Gowdy reminded everyone about the FBI’s anti-Trump bias and what it means for the big picture; he, Jim Jordan and Matt Gaetz were the big winners on the committee who held Rosenstein accountable.

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