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This week, Ed starts out the show with a clip of Joe Pesci’s character in the movie “With Honors.” “It’s about what the founding fathers had in mind when they wrote the Constitution,” Ed says, making a comparison to what’s going on with the President being forced to appeal to the Supreme Court this week. “Do you realize that Trump’s travel ban would have been over already – and if the Democrats weren’t busy trying to block the order, we could have been vetting these people?”

Next, it’s on to the news of the week. As you may have heard, the President’s son-in-law and advisor Jared Kushner is the most recent member of the Trump administration to be portrayed as an evil villain with supposedly strong ties to Russia. It started one week ago, when the Washington Post published a story that Kushner may have discussed creating a secret communications channel with Russia’s ambassador Sergei Kislyak before the inauguration. Ed agrees with Homeland Security Secretary John Kelly, who says that backchannel communications are a normal procedure in government. “We want our elected leaders to get things done with other governments,” Ed says. “How can they do that if they don’t talk to each other?” Furthermore, Ed reminds us, “Jared Kushner said he’s willing to answer any questions from anybody now.”

After that, it’s on to Hillary’s ongoing blame game tour. This week, she showed up at the tech conference Code Con in Silicon Valley for a panel discussion (why?). Hillary’s still dreaming up more reasons she lost the election, including an allegation that Donald Trump personally directed the Russians to “weaponize” the anger of racist Americans so they could help him win – and in another laughable clip, manages to blame the Russians, the FBI, James Comey and American voters all in one breath. In fact, Hillary blamed 24 people, groups and things for her election loss. Here’s the full list:

  1. The FBI
  2. James Comey
  3. The Russians
  4. Vladimir Putin
  5. “Anti-American forces”
  6. Low information voters (“Low information voters are the ones who voted for you, Hillary,” Ed says.)
  7. Everyone who assumed she would win and didn’t vote because of it
  8. Bad polling numbers
  9. Barack Obama
  10. People who wanted change
  11. Misogynists
  12. Suburban women
  13. The New York Times
  14. TV executives
  15. Cable news (“CNN and MSNBC were leaning for you,” Ed says. “How can you blame it on cable news?”
  16. Netflix
  17. Democrat filmmakers who “don’t make the right documentaries”
  18. Facebook
  19. Twitter
  20. WikiLeaks
  21. Fake news
  22. “Content farms in Macedonia”
  23. The Republican Party
  24. The Democrat Party

Yes, she blames DNC – the same organization that admits to sabotaging Bernie Sanders’ campaign so that she could become the party nominee. “I think the DNC started out with three times as much money as Trump did when he started out,” Ed says, and she’s having to inject money into it?” Ed also reminds listeners what happened to former DNC staffer Seth Rich, a Bernie Sanders supporter. “Mysteriously, he ended up dead.”

In the second half, we’re comparing the various college commencement speeches given by liberal and conservative figures this year. Hillary accepted an offer to speak at Wellesley College, her own alma mater, where she reminded us of one big reason why she was unfit to be President: She’s not physically healthy! Tune in to The Main Event this week to hear her coughing fit just one week ago; you’ll realize what a mess America avoided by saying “no thanks” to her on election day. You’ll also hear Senator Elizabeth Warren telling the University of Massachusetts at Amherst graduates they should take what they don’t know and use it to influence government – and of course, Crazy Uncle Joe strikes again this year with one of his trademark gaffes at the Harvard commencement. You need to hear this one; it’s hilarious! Ed finishes this segment with his thoughts on the corruption of the American university system.

As the show closes out, Ed touches on the President withdrawing the United States from the Paris climate accord. You’ll hear the doomsday messages from the left, as well as the details on why we dodged a major bullet by getting out. “Trump knew this was going to choke the economy by making those commitments,” Ed says.

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