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Ed starts the show with thoughts on California becoming a sanctuary state. “I just can’t believe how stupid people are in this state these days,” he says. Next: One week after he testified before the Senate Intelligence Committee, we’re still talking about former FBI Director James Comey. Thanks to the reporters at the website Circa News, we know what one source says about he closed session Comey had with the committee when the cameras left the room. It’s a story about an encounter Comey had with former Attorney General Loretta Lynch. The details include:

“So here, we have some evidence that Loretta Lynch is dirty and Comey was two-faced and talking out both sides of his mouth,” Ed says. “And keep in mind, all this happened right in the middle of Hillary’s presidential campaign – which makes you wonder about the intelligence of Democrats. This is really who you want to run for President?” On this week’s show, you’ll hear from someone who asks why “habitual note taker” Comey didn’t write memos about his meetings with Lynch, but he took notes on his meetings with President Trump – great question!

Next topic: Attorney General Jeff Sessions testified in a Senate Intelligence Committee hearing on Tuesday, fighting back against claims that he obstructed justice or had anything to do with Russian collusion in the election. Tune in to The Main Event to hear the likes of Senators Ron Wyden and Kamala Harris going over-the-top in their questioning (as Democrats tend to do in these hearings). “Ron Wyden, who’s from Oregon where they’re all smoking weed, has an issue I won’t point out,” Ed says. “But listening to Senator Ron Wyden is like listening to my dog Tank if he could talk.” Ed has similar remarks on Kamala Harris, who put on a big show as usual, since it’s all part of her plan to be her party’s next presidential nominee. “What is the point of grilling him like that?” Ed says.

In the second half, Ed reminds listeners to leave him a voicemail on The Main Event listener hotline. “Good or bad, I want to hear it,” he says. “Leave me a message at (855) 640-2092, and I might play it on the show.”After that, there is  some information on reverse mortgages that seniors and their families may be interested in. “Call me at (855) 640-2020 if you want to learn more,” Ed says. “We’re doing a lot of reverse mortgages these days.”

Then, it’s on to the news that neutral, objective Special Counsel Robert Mueller – who was assigned to investigate the legal issues surrounding the President when it comes to the Russia accusations – may not be so neutral or objective after all. We’re learning more this week about Mueller’s background, and it turns out his ties with James Comey run deep; tune in to this week’s show to hear what they are! Ed loves Newt Gingrich’s comments on the matter and reflects on how we would have been a great President. “But we want people like Kamala Harris,” he says. “You think she’s so smart?” Ed’s thoughts on the Democrat mindset are not to be missed this week!

And of course, we’re talking about how the left showed its true colors in its response to the shooting at the congressional baseball practice in Alexandria, Virginia this week. As you may know, 66-year-old James Hodgkinson of Illinois was a Bernie Sanders supporter who volunteered for Sanders’ presidential campaign as well as a bigtime fan of MSNBC and every liberal news-comedy show you can think of: The Daily Show, The Nightly Show, Last Week Tonight with John Oliver, and Real Time with Bill Maher – oh, and he made some clearly malicious Facebook posts about President Trump in recent months (and yet, Nancy Pelosi still managed to find a way to blame Republicans for his actions in her weekly press conference). “You know, I remember not being too happy when Obama was elected,” Ed says. “But I didn’t go around shooting people.” Speaking of guns, Ed plays a clip of Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe saying that “guns kill 93 million people a day.” Hmm…

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