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This week, Ed welcomes Scott MacAfee back to the show. They start off with a story about the laughable furor over the Internet meme that used an old WWE video of Trump pretending to beat up a wrestler with the CNN logo over the wrestler’s face. Ed and Scott unpack this ridiculous story, and Ed even reads some of the Reddit user’s lengthy apology. “I can hear Obama saying, ‘This is not who we are’,” Ed says. “I have to vomit.” As for how CNN tracked down the user, Scott says, “What is Reddit doing giving out a user’s identity to anyone?” You’ll also hear proof that what CNN is doing to this anonymous user is nothing short of blackmail from someone who knows a thing or two about the law, Judge Jeanine Pirro.

Moving on, Ed and Scott are talking about Trump’s non-apology tour overseas (the opposite of the Obama apology tours we grew accustomed to for 8 years). Rather than worrying about tweets and memes, our allies in Europe (specifically Poland) saw President Trump as a serious world leader this week, evidenced by the warm reception they gave him in Warsaw. Ed comments on the statesman-like speech from Trump and the Polish people chanting his name. “I never heard them chanting Barack Obama’s name like that,” he says. And as for the President’s meeting with Vladimir Putin on Friday, it resulted in Russia agreeing to a ceasefire in Syria, which will take place on Sunday in an effort to de-escalate the Syrian civil war. “It just goes to show what can happen in meetings like this,” Ed says. Scott jokes, “Or maybe it’s just ‘proof of Russian collusion’.” As the first half closes out, you’ll also hear about the reason North Korea was just able to successfully launch a test missile capable of hitting Alaska: As it turns out, it’s an ill-fated deal agreed to by Bill Clinton in 1994. If you’ve never heard this, tune in to The Main Event to learn more!

In the second half, the focus shifts to the assault on free speech across the nation’s college campuses. Scott invites everyone to attend an event he’s part of, the Summer of Conservatism conference, on Sunday, July 9th. Larry Elder will be the keynote speaker, and Kyle Chapman (known in the conservative blogosphere as “Based Stickman”) will be there as well. Visit to learn more.

Next, Ed and Scott interview Kyle Chapman by phone. You’ll hear him talk about his involvement in defending conservatives at political rallies against the organized protesters who destroy property, set fires and hurt people. “Let’s call these people what they are,” Kyle says. “These are masked thugs. They dress like ISIS.” As to how Kyle got involved in fighting these thugs, he says, “I’m hardwired to react a certain way in certain situations, and when I see my conservative brothers and sister under assault, I’m going to jump into action.”

Kyle describes the kind of violence he has seen at rallies and protests that go unreported by the media, including unreported incidents from the infamous Berkeley rally in March that received a great amount of media attention. “And I can tell you the level of violence is only going to intensify from here,” he says. “They’re going to pull out all the stops to prevent Trump from getting a second term, and it’s going to turn into a civil war environment.” This is an enlightening interview you don’t want to miss. Catch it this weekend, and don’t forget to call Ed at (855) 640-2092 to tell him what you think!

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