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This week, it starts with some real estate talk – and as Ed says, “All you baby boomers want to know about reverse mortgage.” If it’s something you’re interested in, tune in to the beginning of the show to hear it.

Next, it’s on to this week’s news. It’s been another scramble to pass an Obamacare repeal before Congress goes on August recess – and unfortunately, the Senate failed to pass a clean repeal bill when it was bought to the floor on Wednesday. As always, Ed has thoughts on this. “Remember: If we repeal Obamacare, it cuts out a whole bunch of rules for employers so they can hire some more people. If you cut taxes on companies, they’re going to come up with some ways to give people raises.” To the seven Republicans who voted against a clean repeal, Ed says: “What are you thinking? You know what they’re thinking? They’re afraid of what people will say. They’re so busy keeping their jobs, they forget to do their jobs.”

By Wednesday night, Republicans had begun talking about a so-called “skinny repeal” that would repeal only three parts of the bill:

The main reason to support it, said Thom Tillis of North Carolina, was that it “keeps the conversation going” in conference as opposed to stalling the Senate’s efforts – but because McCain, Collins and Murkowski disagreed, the bill died on Thursday night. “I don’t fault these people for voting against it, because they should have voted for the full repeal.” Now, Ed says, “McCain is becoming the hero of the Democrats.” Tune in to hear what Minority Leader Chuck Schumer had to say about him.

Speaking of Schumer, he unveiled the so-called “new” Democratic party agenda on George Stephanopoulos on Sunday. It’s called “A Better Deal,” and so far it seems it will include:

“How about instead of this,” Ed says, “Instead of the government paying every tire shop to teach kids how to bust tires or paying every construction company to teach people how to swing a hammer, I hire my own new workers, train them, and then I give them the money? Then when they get good at it, I give them raises?”

In the second half, it’s on to the issue that was raised this week regarding transgendered people serving in the military. You’ll get the timeline from the President’s tweet to the Pentagon internal memo that was leaked to Politico that said the tweet held no weight legally. “Just because he tweets out what he wants the policy to be doesn’t mean the order was received to change the policy,” said Fox’s Bret Baier as he explained the Joint Chief’s memo. “They need the official way.” Ed has thoughts on this as well, so tune in this week to hear them (in addition to some comments that Ed’s friend Joey Jones made as a guest on Fox & Friends).

Finally, we’re talking about an organization you may not have heard much about: Fusion GPS, which is the firm tied to the salacious “Trump dossier” alleging lewd activity in Russia. If you’ve wondered where that dossier came from, tune in to The Main Event this week. It’s an alarming, eye-opening story and it’s definitely not “fake news.”

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