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This week, Ed starts the show with a “slow news day” story from Monday: celebrities who want to run for political office. “So Donald Trump got in there and I guess he smashed the glass ceiling,” Ed says. “Now, all celebrities can be politicians.” It starts with Caitlyn Jenner running for Diane Feinstein’s Senate seat here in California (“I hope we get someone with some name recognition to run, but maybe not Bruce/Caitlyn,” Ed says – and not for the reasons you think!); followed by singer Kid Rock running as a Republican against Democrat Debbie Stabenow in Michigan (listen to what Elizabeth Warren did when she heard about it); next, Dwayne “The Rock Johnson” bragging that he beat Trump out in a theoretical 2020 election poll (“I like his movies, but you know what?” Ed says. Tune in to hear what his thoughts are!); and finally, Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg’s possible interest in running for President. Have you heard about his promotion of a “universal basic income” – and do you even know what a universal basic income is? Tune in to the show this week to hear about it, as well as Zuckerberg’s comments on “luck.” Ed has a lot to say about it!

In the second half, we’re talking the Senate Republicans failure to pass an Obamacare replacement before the August recess. “They don’t have the votes,” Ed says, “and the Democrats won’t help at all.” If this roller coaster of events has been hard to follow, you need a recap and Ed has it for you on this week’s show – but the bottom line remains the same, Ed says: “The problem is that most politicians don’t understand the real world and how people think.”

Next, it’s on to the most unexpected story of the week: the President’s impromptu interview with the New York Times. The big takeaway, as far as the press is concerned, is the President’s criticism of his own Attorney General, Jeff Sessions, because Sessions recused himself from the Russia investigation. “I agree completely,” Ed says.

At one point, the President said that that Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein’s appointment of Special Counsel Robert Mueller was rife with conflicts of interest – not just because of his relationship with James Comey, but also because at one point, Trump interviewed Mueller to replace Comey at the FBI – in fact, he was suspiciously appointed Special Counsel the very next day after this interview. In the transcript of the Times interview, Trump said his reaction to this was, “What the hell?” You’ll hear about all that and more on this week’s show – including the truth behind the “second secret meeting” between Trump and Putin, which doesn’t amount to much (to the press’s dismay). “I remember getting a bunch of alerts and tweets about this,” Ed says. “But if you’ve seen the picture, there’s a long, long table with condiments and centerpieces. And here’s the President, and Putin, and all these world leaders having a meal together – and this is a ‘private meeting’? I don’t think so.

Of course, there were plenty of questions about the Don Jr. meeting too – and “the media is really, really reaching,” Ed says as the show concludes.

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