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This week, Ed is talking about the Senate confirmation hearings for Trump’s cabinet appointees, starting with Senator Jeff Sessions, Trump’s pick for Secretary of State. Sessions’ hearing got off to a rough start, thanks to Senator Al Franken (AKA Stuart Smalley from Saturday Night Live). When you tune in, you’ll hear Franken questioning Sessions on voter ID laws as a way to portray him as a racist lawmaker throughout his political career; you’ll also get Ed’s take on it. “If these people aren’t savvy enough to get a photo ID, they can’t get money from us taxpayers – so they shouldn’t be able to vote either,” Ed says. “To everyone who’s calling this voter suppression: All it does is eliminate opportunities to cheat. That’s not voter suppression.” Furthermore, Ed says, “Remember in 2008, when the Black Panthers were standing outside polling places to intimidate white voters from voting against Obama? That’s voter suppression.”

You’ll also hear Senator Ted Cruz’s response to Franken, which is getting tons of buzz this week – and the ridiculous fail on the part of Senator Cory Booker to steal the spotlight as the Democrats used him for a political prop in the hearings. After hearing Booker blast Sessions one minute during the hearing and compliment him the next, Ed says, “Whiskey Tango Foxtrot? This guy is a political marionette.” As for Senator Kamala Harris, our new Senator from California, her odd questions to CIA Director appointee Congressman Mike Pompeo were on the treatment of gay CIA employees and global warming, having nothing to do with intelligence. “What do the CIA and climate change have to do with each other?” Ed says. “How did we elect this person to be our Senator?”

In the second half, we’re still talking confirmation hearings. You’ll hear Secretary of State appointee Rex Tillerson get interrogated by Senator Rubio (yes, he’s a Republican) about Putin’s possible involvement in the DNC hacking as well as possible war crimes in Syria. “We’ve got a whole new administration coming in, a chance to make a whole new impression on the world,” Ed says. “I’m not defending Putin, but can Rubio, McCain and these guys keep this stuff behind closed door meetings? Can they decide, ‘Let’s not say these things on global television.’ We already look like wusses on the world stage, thanks to our current President.”

Of course, you’ll also hear about the “fake news” controversy this week courtesy of the website BuzzFeed. If you’ve heard about the unverified “dossier” alleging that Russia has compromising information about Donald Trump but your head is spinning from the details, tune in to The Main Event this week. In regards to BuzzFeed publishing the false information and CNN running with it all day Tuesday, “They were just feeding on this stuff,” Ed says. “It’s like ants in a box of donuts.” Ed also compares this to the time Senator Harry Reid said things about Mitt Romney that weren’t true, apologizing years later when it was too late. “Where’s the accountability?” Ed says.

We’re also talking about Trump’s press conference this week, where he shut down CNN reporter Jim Acosta as retribution. “That’s great!” Ed says. “It shows you don’t just get to lie and say stuff about the President.” Speaking of the press conference, you’ll hear about the ethics portion of the event that Ed believes the American people should be impressed with. “I’ve never been more proud to have elected this man as President,” Ed says. The 14-minute address from Trump lawyer Sherri Dillon contained ample information about how Trump will disconnect from his business interests throughout the presidency, something he doesn’t have to do but will do anyway.

Finally, Ed closes the show with comments on Obama’s farewell address. If you didn’t hear it Tuesday night, rest assured that Barack Obama used his final speech to the American people as one last opportunity to lecture the American people on race. In response to the President saying that a post-racial America just wasn’t possible after his election, Ed says, “It was possible, but you kept it from happening, Barack Obama.”

Next week, Ed will be attending Trump’s inauguration – but The Main Event will go on regardless!

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