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This week’s show starts a bit differently, thanks to some music licensing issues that forced a change to the intro song. So instead of hearing Ed’s favorite band Styx, there’s some instrumental rock as the intro music; tune in for Ed’s remarks on that!

Then it’s on to recapping the news of the week, starting with the so-called “Muslim ban” (that’s only what it’s called if you listen to liberals) – which is, in reality, an executive order officially titled, “Protecting the Nation from Foreign Terrorist Entry into the United States.” Rather than listen to the details of the order through the filter of the media, tune in to The Main Event this week as Ed reads the actual text from the executive order. Ed says, “If I were in this situation (a visa holder) and I had to go through these steps, I would understand it was for the good of protecting people. But apparently that’s a problem for some Democrats.” One of them, as you may have heard this week, is Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer. Ed imitates the crocodile tears Schumer shed on TV.

Next, Ed reminds us that Donald Trump was not the first President to place immigration restrictions on people from Muslim-majority countries. “I remember Jimmy Carter doing that with Iran in 1980,” Ed says, and Barack Obama added Libya, Yemen and Somalia to a list of “countries of concern” just last year. Did you know Obama placed Visa Waiver Program restrictions on people from those countries? He did, and you’ll hear Trump senior advisor Steven Miller talk about it on this week’s show. Closing out this topic, Ed says, “The moral of the story is, whatever Obama does is good and whatever Trump does is bad. And why are we so concerned with denying constitutional rights to people who aren’t U.S. citizens? American rights are for American citizens!”

Then it’s on to discussing Neil Gorsuch, Trump’s Supreme Court nominee to fill the seat of the late Justice Scalia. In this segment, you’ll hear how even CNN can’t find anything negative to say about Judge Gorsuch – and Ed adds a personal anecdote, just for fun (hint: it involves meeting Wolf Blitzer in Washington D.C. two weeks ago). If you missed what House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi said about Gorsuch this week – that “If you eat food, drink water, breathe air or take medicine,” Gorsuch is somehow opposed to you having these basic human rights – then tune in this week to hear her ridiculous comments. “Don’t listen to Pelosi and these idiots in the Democratic party,” Ed says. “She wants you to think he’s going to violate your rights as a human being; that’s wrong.” And as we wind down the first half, Ed’s talking about how Senate Democrats continue to stall Trump’s cabinet confirmations every step of the way.

In the second half, we’re talking about the week’s foreign policy developments, starting with the stern warning our new National Security Advisor, Mike Flynn, issued to Iran. “That sounds good to me,” Ed says. “Didn’t we just give them $150 billion, sign a big treaty with them and have a big group hug with John Kerry and all the Ayatollahs while they were burning our flag and saying ‘death to America?’ And now they’re testing ballistic missiles and enriching uranium, which is what you need to make a nuclear bomb.”

Another foreign policy development, Trump’s phone call with the Australian Prime Minister, is also being discussed. If you agree that there’s no reason for the United States to take 1,250 refugees from Iran, Iraq, Sudan and Somalia off Australia’s hands just because Obama told them we would, tune in the show; Ed feels the same way you do. He also loves the “total New York-ness” of Trump’s National Prayer Breakfast speech: “When you hear about the tough phone calls I’m having, don’t worry about it. We have to be tough.” And as the show closes out, you’ll hear an actual timeline of the raid our Navy Seals conducted on the Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula militants in Yemen last week. Why is this important? Because the media wants you to think that Trump acted in haste by ordering it, which just isn’t true. “You don’t have to know everything,” Ed says. “You just have to know who knows everything.”

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