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This week, the top story is the resignation of Michael Flynn as National Security Advisor – but first, Ed has some real estate insight to share. “The biggest thing I can tell you is that buyers want to close fast,” he says, “and that’s what we do at Wholesale Capital Corporation.” He encourages anyone interested in a home loan to call him at (855) 640-2020, especially if you want to talk to somebody local who you can trust – someone who can answer your questions face-to-face. He also wants to remind everyone one more time to get their tickets to the WCC Charities Gala & Auction. “Go to or call my assistant Shelly at (855) 640-2020,” he says, “if you want to get your last minute tickets. We’re going to have some special guest speakers and entertainment by The Killer Dueling Pianos, and we’re going to raise some money for the Gary Sinise Foundation.” There are about 10 seats left, and you can get them!

Next, it’s on to the Flynn resignation story. If you feel like you need a better grasp on the situation that led to the first cabinet resignation of the Trump presidency, tune in this week; Ed has the entire timeline, from December 29 when Flynn’s phone call with the Russian ambassador took place all the way through Flynn’s resignation this week. “Hmm, December 29 – who was still President then?” Ed says to establish the timeline. Ed notes that Obama’s top intelligence deputies met to talk about Flynn’s phone call with the ambassador on January 19. “Hmm, I’m only President for one more day – let’s meet to talk about this,” Ed says of Obama. What could their motives have been? You can probably guess! There’s also a lot to discuss when it comes to Sally Yates, who was a holdover from the Obama administration and was supposed to be acting Attorney General until Jeff Sessions was confirmed. “Normally that would only be a few days after the inauguration, but we know why that didn’t happen this time,” Ed says of the Senate’s reluctance to confirm Sessions. If you’ve been following the whole Flynn/Russian ambassador saga and aren’t exactly sure what Flynn did to get fired, tune in to The Main Event this week to get the scoop; what it boils down to is that Flynn lied to Vice President Mike Pence – and as Ed says, “Trump’s position is, if you make us look stupid then I’m going to fire your butt.”

In the second half, it’s on to the Trump press conference this past Thursday. First, Ed notes that the other 16 Republicans who ran for President “couldn’t deal with what Trump has dealt with so far” and this week’s press conference is a perfect example. The media wants to portray this press conference as “disturbing” and “all over the place,” but the President made some substantial remarks as well that aren’t getting as much coverage. Of course, you’ll hear them on this week’s The Main Event! If you haven’t heard Trump’s “cheap plastic button” comment from the press conference yet, you’ll hear it here and you’ll love it! That comment was in reference to Hillary Clinton, and Ed has a great point about her: “I think there was a force that ran this country, and the American people saw that Trump was the only one to stop it.”

As the show closes out, Ed recaps what happened earlier this week with the Immigration Customs and Enforcement (ICE) arrests of 680 people around the country. The media wants to focus on stories they find sympathetic, like the one person in Seattle who was arrested mistakenly – but how about the three people in Los Angeles wanted in their home countries for crimes like extortion, cocaine trafficking and child molestation? Guess what: None of those people were from Mexico, which is proof that these immigration actions are not only aimed at deporting people back to Mexico. “If your city is thinking about becoming a sanctuary city,” Ed says, “stand up for your rights. Go to your city council and speak your mind.”

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