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There’s a lot to cover on this week’s show, thanks to all the developments in national news. It starts with the Trump administration’s cabinet confirmation victories this week. “The loudest mouth in the Senate – or maybe the loudest mouth in all of politics, Elizabeth ‘Pocahontas’ Warren – has tried to block all the nominations over the past couple of weeks,” Ed says. Tune in to The Main Event to hear her throw insane questions at cabinet appointees Betsy Devos and Tom Price, both of whom were thankfully confirmed despite her theatrics. And if you missed Warren getting kicked off the Senate floor Tuesday night during her bizarre 51-minute rant against the confirmation of Jeff Sessions to Attorney General, you’ll hear it on the show; it’s a beautiful moment! If you were confused as to why she was told to take her seat, Ed reads the portion of Senate Rule 19 that Majority Leader Mitch McConnell used to justified it. “What everyone’s mad about in this election is that Democrats got their ideology wrong and Republicans got their ideology right but didn’t do anything about it,” Ed says. “But finally, we have a government that wants to do something about it. I love it.” As the first half winds down, you’ll hear African-American Republican Senator Tim Scott read on the House floor a series of disgraceful, hateful tweets sent to him after he voted to confirm Sessions. You’ll also hear Ed question why Warren is more concerned with how these cabinet appointees would spend money than how they would fulfill the needs of the departments they serve. “I think that shows you where her mind is at,” Ed says. And as the first half winds down, Ed plays the exchange between Trump and Bill O’Reilly that had O’Reilly saying (paraphrased), “No one in our government is having people killed.”

“Oh really?” Ed responds. “We have a page on our website called Clinton Casualties that says differently.” (Check it out!)

In the second half, Ed is talking to Joey Jones, an advocate for wounded veterans and a good friend of the show. Ed asks Joey if he’s ever met General John Kelly, now our Secretary of Homeland Security. “There’s a chance I’ve met him, between Walter Reed or Capitol Hill,” Joey said. They talk about Secretary Kelly’s testimony before the House Homeland Security Committee this week, where he gave remarks on everything from the Mexican border wall to funding for sanctuary cities. “Kelly is so plainly spoken,” Joey said. “He’s so good at connecting A to B. I attribute it to his Marine Corps background. He’s one of the best tools in President Trump’s toolbox.” Ed references a rally that took place locally in Riverside this week – a rally to make Riverside a sanctuary city. “Give me a break,” Ed says. “I guess they want property values to go down.”

Joey has more to say on the travel ban rollout, as someone who respectfully disagrees with it (unlike Ed). Tune in to hear the lively back-and-forth! One thing they do agree on, though, is when Joey says, “We know we’ve had bad guys coming here since 2001 with the red carpet being rolled out for them.” The show was recorded the day after the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals ruled to uphold the suspension on Trump’s travel ban, so you’ll get fresh analysis and reactions when you tune in to this week’s show.

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