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This week’s show starts with some comments about the Trump effect on the mortgage industry; if you wondered whether he would have a positive impact, tune in to hear Ed’s thoughts. Next, Ed and his guest Scott are engaging in playful banter and breaking down the political events of the week.

This week, the media had a fit when President-Elect Trump took a phone call from the president of Taiwan. The 10-minute phone call marked the first time that a U.S. president or president-elect deviated from the so-called “one China” position; if you are unsure what that is, tune in to get the lowdown and laugh at the media pundits who had a conniption over it. “There was a ‘no Cuba’ policy too,” Ed says, “but Obama just flipped a switch and said we’re going to be friends with Cuba now – and nobody had a problem with that.” The double standard was also pointed out this week by Vice President-Elect Mike Pence, who reminded George Stephanopoulos that Obama spoke to a whopping 22 world leaders during his transition period and no one seemed to mind.

“I wonder if anyone realizes that Stephanopoulos was Clinton’s right hand,” Ed says.

“Hmm, is that a conflict of interest, for him to be a journalist?” Scott asks.

The segment ends with economist Steven Moore saying, “Taiwan is our ally, and if China doesn’t like it, screw ’em.”

Next it’s on to this week in cabinet picks, including the fact that we’re in the third week of the guessing game on Trump’s appointment for Secretary of State. “I like that he’s taking his time and getting it right,” Ed says, referring to the various candidates Trump is considering. “Romney is a smart guy, but he used some fatal weapons when he said some nasty things.” In regards to Dr. Ben Carson being appointed to Secretary of HUD, Ed is thrilled that he will replace “moron” Julian Castro. “The housing industry is hard enough today,” Ed says, referring to the burdens of regulation that the Obama administration has doubled down on. “When I heard Julian Castro speak, it was obvious he had the same speechwriter as Obama.” He hopes that Carson will address those regulations effectively, and take steps to get people out of government housing programs that are “handouts” rather than “hand-ups.” We’re also talking about the criticisms that Carson’s appointment received in the media this week, as well as talk about those who came to his defense. “Megyn Kelly had some positive things to say,” Ed says. “She’s finally coming back to having some common sense.” This segment gives Ed an opportunity to share some mortgage insight, so tune in if you’re interested in getting his take on the way that the new Trump administration can transform the housing industry for everyone.

In the second half, we’re still talking cabinet appointments – namely, Ed and Scott’s excitement about the appointment of Scott Pruitt to the EPA. “I heard people saying he’s going to turn the EPA into the APA – the American Protection Agency,” Ed says. After that, it’s on to Obama’s final national security speech of his presidency (also known as his “victory lap” speech), where he said that he takes “great pride in the progress we’ve made” in the war on terror. Ed and Scott are aghast, and they have plenty to say about it. There’s also a great comparison between this speech and the things Trump had to say about national security in his North Carolina “thank you tour” speech this week – namely, Obama taking pride in ending waterboarding vs. Trump not caring whether terrorists are comfortable. Whether you heard these speeches or not this week, tune in to the show to get some great commentary.

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