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Ed is on his annual holiday vacation this week, so filling in is Scott McAfee. Scott opens the show by recapping the recent United Nations Security Council resolution to condemn the Israeli settlements in so-called Palestinian territory. “This is one of those ‘Thank God Donald Trump is going to be the President’ moments,” Scott says. He explains a bit of the history behind the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, and it’s a great way to get up to speed if you’ve been confused by all the back-and-forth on the issue.

Next, Scott interviews a guest he brought in to demonstrate that many Democrats actually helped to get Donald Trump elected: his sister, Janet. Janet has been politically active for decades in the Democrat party, and was even an alternate delegate for Bill Clinton – regardless, she voted for Trump this year. “He was talking about the economy, and the plight of our veterans,” she says. “I have a history of helping homeless and disabled veterans, so I’m particularly aware of their situation.” She also admired Trump’s unwavering commitment to securing our border, unlike Hillary Clinton. “Hillary wanted to increase the Syrian refugee population by 300%,” she says.

People like Janet are proof positive that educated, politically informed Democrats did not necessarily come out for Hillary – and perhaps more of them voted for Trump than we were led to believe. “I’m not interested in party opinions,” she says. “As a former law student, I’m interested in evidence and information. Two of my best friends who voted for Obama were now supporting Donald Trump. This was not just angry white men supporting him; this was a cross-section of people, and they weren’t all willing to tell a pollster they were voting for Trump.” As for Hillary, “She didn’t have a real message, other than ‘I’m a woman’.”

You’ll find the discussion fascinating; tune in to this week’s show to hear it!

In the second half, Scott’s listing the “Top 10 Morons of 2016.” Without giving away too many spoilers, we’ll tell you a couple of the people who received this honor: There’s 49ers quarterback Collin Kaepernick, for obvious reasons; there are also a few groups of people who made the list, including “never Trumpers” and the cavalcade of celebrities who said they’d leave the country if Trump was elected (all of whom are now eating their words because they’re still here in the U.S.). There are great soundbites from some of the people on this list; tune in to The Main Event for some end-of-the-year fun! Ed will be back at the mic next week.

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