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America First National Security Strategy

President Trump on Monday unveiled a national security strategy that enshrines his “America First” approach to U.S. policy, stressing American strength and economic security.

It has four pillars:

  1. Protecting the homeland
  2. Promoting American prosperity
  3. Peace through military strength
  4. Cyber security

It sounds simple, but let’s remember it hasn’t always been this way. Ed alert: “Quite frankly, this is how he got elected and why I support him 100%. Do you hear the media talking about the fact that we’ve almost wiped ISIS out?”

Just in Time for Christmas!

Early Wednesday morning, the Senate approved the final version of the first overhaul of the US tax code in more than 30 years. Signed into law by the President on Friday, the Tax Cut and Jobs Act:

As you know, Democrats never miss an opportunity to lie to voters about a Republican bill, and this bill was no different. Ed plays soundbites from Pelosi, Schumer and Speier outright lying to the American people about the tax bill, calling it a “disgrace” and claiming the middle class are getting their taxes raised – wrong! Ed alert: “Where is this coming from?!”

The truth on the tax bill, according to the nonpartisan Tax Policy Center, is this: In 2018, households earning $49,000 to $86,000 will see an average tax cut of $930. Households earning $86,000 to $149,000 will see an average tax cut of just over $1,800.

There’s more in this final show for 2017, so be sure to tune in as Ed celebrates the end of this 10th year on the air!

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