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This week, Ed wishes everyone a merry Christmas and happy new year. “2016 was rough, but I’m excited about 2017,” Ed says. He thinks we’ll all “snap out of it” in the coming year as the haze of the Obama presidency thins out. We’re talking about Trump’s electoral college victory this week; Ed plays audio from media figures who were “holding onto hope” that Trump could lose the presidency if the electors voted against him. But in the end, the only so-called “faithless electors” were a handful of people who were replaced – except for the two in Texas who were allowed to cast votes against him, but failed at their endeavor because Texas is the state that put Trump over the 270 vote threshold.

“Remember the video from last week?” Ed says about the celebrities who begged electors to vote against Trump in exchange for their “respect.” “Sorry,” Ed tells them. “I look at Trump’s kids, and I look at Martin Sheen’s kids…kids are a reflection of their parents and how they were raised. Need I say more?” Ed also points out that the only reason anyone wants to change the electoral college is because it didn’t work for Hillary.

Have you heard about the MTV video “New Years Resolutions for White Guys”? If not, you’ll hear about it this week on The Main Event. “Hey kids, get a job,” Ed says. “Have a little appreciation for cops and the military, and grow up.”

We’re also talking about the two terror attacks that happened this week: first the assassination of the Russian ambassador to Turkey, killed by a police officer assigned to protect him as retaliation for Russia’s involvement in the Syrian civil war. Ed explains how Obama’s fruitless “red line” promise contributed to the escalation of the Syrian conflict; if you need a reminder, tune in this week. Ed also points out that Russia, Turkey and Iran met to discuss how to deal with the Syrian conflict and questions, “I wonder why Barack Obama and John Kerry weren’t invited? Maybe it’s because they think we’re a bunch of…I can’t say it on the air.” The other major attack this week, where 12 people were killed by a truck that mowed through a German Christmas market, is being blamed on Chancellor Angela Merkel’s willingness to open Germany’s borders to more than 1 million migrants last year. “What does that sound like?” Ed says. “It sounds like the United States.”

In the second half, Ed’s using this Christmas Eve show to talk about charity. He’s interviewing Gordon Logan, who helped the VFW found their Help a Hero scholarship program. “We do this for veterans who want to make the transition from military to civilian careers,” Logan says. “To date, we’ve given out 700,000 scholarships.” He explains the great program that has helped thousands of veterans pay for college and career training after coming home. “We just gave a check to the VFW for $1 million,” he says. “God bless you,” Ed replies. “People don’t realize how expensive it is to go back to living your life after you come home.”

Next, Ed talks about WCC Charities. “We donate to the organizations that have the lowest overhead,” Ed says. If you want to hear how a transparent, effective charity for veterans is run, tune in to this week’s show; Ed’s telling the story of how his charity was founded, going back to 2007 when he started with golf tournaments benefiting the Ronald McDonald House. “Now we do Pushups for Charity, where we raised $75,000 for Boot Campaign,” he says. He also talks about the track chair that was donated to the Independence Fund, raising money for the Gary Sinise Foundation and more. Ed ends the show by asking everyone to consider donating at, or attending the first annual WCC Charities Gala and Auction, which will be at the Victoria Club in Riverside on February 25. “We’re going to have a silent auction, a live auction and some entertainment,” Ed says. “We need your RSVP by January 31.”

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