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This week, Ed starts things off with some words for the celebrities who made the sanctimonious, melodramatic video urging the 538 members of the electoral college to vote against Donald Trump. “I have no desire to have those idiots’ respect,” Ed says in regards to their promise to “respect” electors who vote against Trump. “The people spoke.”

Ed also draws a poignant comparison. “It’s coincidence that the day I’m recording is the anniversary of the Boston Tea Party, when the people rose up and said no taxation without representation. That’s what happened on November 8, 2016 – just a different version of it. Now, they’re all debating whether Russia had anything to do with our election.”

As you know, a debate has emerged over the past week as to whether the Russian government interfered in our election to boost Donald Trump. It started last Friday, when CIA agents briefed members of the Senate Intelligence Committee with information that they had performed a “secret assessment” of Russian hacking activity. Ed has audio from the White House saying Trump knew Russia was involved, and you’ll hear the Trump team’s powerful responses. Plus, Ed has a scoop from WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange, who said Thursday that the Russian government was not their source for the leaked Hillary/DNC emails. “My feeling is I don’t give a crap,” Ed says. “Whether it was the Russians or the Chinese, the real question is, how were they able to do it – and why didn’t the Obama administration do anything about it as soon as they knew?”

Next it’s on to discussing the long-awaited pick for our next Secretary of State. After weeks of speculation, Trump chose someone most Americans had never heard of, Exxon Mobil CEO Rex Tillerson. If you’ve caught on that the media worked hard to make Tillerson the next “big bad wolf” of the Trump cabinet this week, Ed has the facts on Tillerson’s actual connection to the Russian government – not the overblown claims you heard in the media this week. Furthermore, Ed says of Tillerson, “He’s a businessman, and you know what business people of this caliber know? They know what to say.” Bottom line, he believes Tillerson has the ability to be a competent diplomat who acts in the best interests of the United States. There’s a lot of fun audio in this week’s show to underscore Ed’s points; tune in to get news, commentary and entertainment at the same time.

In the second half, we start with an update on the 18-year-old Muslim woman in New York City who claimed she was attacked by Trump supporters after the election – surprise surprise, she made the whole thing up. “The media ran with it,” Ed says of the original story. So far, they haven’t made many retractions now that she has admitted to lying. Ed’s also talking about Trump’s meeting with black leaders like NFL great Jim Brown this week. “Here’s someone who’s teaching black youth how to take care of themselves,” Ed says. “Barack Obama should have done that.” Ed likens Jim Brown to one of his personal heroes, George Foreman. “I remember watching this fight with Shannon Briggs and thinking very clearly that Foreman won, but my whole attitude changed when I heard Foreman say this.” Tune in to find out what “this” is; it’s a great soundbite from a champion! Ed has some final thoughts that tie the whole show together with business, family and economics. You’ll also hear how the Federal Reserve raising the benchmark interest rate this week can affect you, as well as its connection to Trump’s election. Don’t miss it!

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