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While the left continues to act like the President’s response to the violent rally in Charlottesville, Virginia is worse than the violence itself, at least one prominent person is questioning the source of the violence.

Congressman Louie Gohmert: Was Charlottesville Orchestrated?

This week, Ed and his guest Scott open the show with some eye-opening insight from Texas Congressman Louie Gohmert. Rep. Gohmert (who Ed calls “Where’s Waldo”) has appeared in a few places this week to propose a new theory: that the violence in Charlottesville, Virginia two weeks ago was orchestrated by powerful liberal interests. You’ll hear his claim on the show this week, and what his substantiation for it is, and Ed’s thoughts on it. “This government goes so deep into so much corruption that they’ll do anything to steer us away from the truth,” he says. “Does it make sense to you that these guys would have been so organized to come from all over the place and club each other at the same time – ready, set, go?” He has a hunch that Gohmert may be on to something.

Trump Speeches this Week: Afghanistan and Phoenix

Next, we’re analyzing the President’s two major speeches this week. The first was delivered at the Fort Meyer, Virginia military base before an audience of troops – and the purpose of the speech was to announce a new strategy for the war in Afghanistan, which includes an additional 4,000 troops sent to the Afghanistan and Pakistan to fight ISIS and the Taliban. You’ll hear how the President, Secretary of Defense Mattis and his military advisors arrived at their decision last week. “I’m glad that he went to Camp David and met with General Mattis and actually talked,” Ed says. “He talked to military strategists that know what’s going on and asked, ‘What does victory look like for us?’”

We’re analyzing the new plan and asking some interesting questions. Scott asks, “What happened to that poor doctor in Pakistan who led us to Bin Laden?” Ed asks, “What happened to the guy who rescued Marcus Luttrell in Afghanistan? The last administration turned their backs on these people.” Ed’s also reading some mainstream media praise for the speech, which may surprise you.

Don Lemon Meltdown and James Clapper “Disturbing”

But it was an entirely different story after the Phoenix speech on Wednesday; CNN’s Don Lemon had what many are calling a meltdown regarding the President’s remarks on Charlottesville and you’ll hear it on this week’s show. “Trump should have put a big screen behind him in Phoenix with the news footage and asked the crowd to watch,” Ed says. “That’s all he would need to do.” Then you’ll hear former Director of National Intelligence James Clapper call the speech “disturbing,” to which Ed says, “With everything he’s seen in his career, this is what he calls disturbing?” He continues, “This is one thing that happened in one city in this big country, and the media wants you to think everyone in the country is at each other’s throats.”

Steve Hilton: Who is this Guy?

Fox News has a new show on Sunday nights called The Next Revolution, and Ed has some thoughts. The host is Steve Hilton, who was an advisor to British Prime Minster and Conservative party leader David Cameron from 2010 to 2016 and a major supporter of the Brexit movement – which is why it’s strange that he spends so much time decrying tax breaks for high income Americans. “He’s agreeing with the same crap the Democrats try to feed us on tax reform,” Ed says. One point of contention is the mortgage interest tax deduction that allows vacation homes to qualify for tax deductions. Tune in to hear his thoughts!

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