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The Charlottesville Effect 

This week, Ed and his guest Scott are tackling the big story of the week: Almost a full week after a racially-fueled protest march in Charlottesville, Virginia ended in the death of a counterprotestor and two state troopers, President Trump continues to get the blame. There’s a quick recap of the event timeline, and then analysis of the President’s three different statements on the event: first Saturday, then Monday when his Saturday response was deemed unsatisfactory, then the Tuesday press conference at Trump Tower.

The Saturday statement – which was several minutes long and contained a lot more sentiments than the three words everyone is talking about (“on many sides”) – is played in full so you can make up your own mind. “It sounds very presidential to me,” Ed says. “And if we’re going to tear down statues of everything bad in our history, then our history disappears.” He asks: Should we even have a Freedom Tower to commemorate 9/11?

Learn the Facts First 

Regardless, everyone from Republican strategist Ana Navarro on CNN to former Trump friend Donny Duetsch is exploding with anger at the President, all of which we’re discussing on this week’s show. Furthermore, Ed points out, President Obama made statements before knowing all the facts and it didn’t work out for him so well. The conversation on Charlottesville continues into the second half with a discussion on the President pointing out that there’s not only an alt-right; there’s an alt-left, too. “These people who tore down the statue in Durham, and the ones who burned the statue of Abraham Lincoln…someone needs to tell these people it was the Republicans who fought for minority rights.”

Ed’s singing the praises of Paris Dennard, who was the Bush White House Director of Black Outreach. He was on CNN this week facing off against others who dared challenge his “blackness,” and he was having none of it. “I like this guy,” Ed says. You can get the full video on The Main Event Facebook page.

Clinton Casualties Update

If you heard the popular Clinton Casualties episode last year, you know Ed is committed to outing the true character of Bill and Hillary Clinton. This week, he plays a clip from Congressman Pete Olson of Texas, who strongly implied on a local talk radio show in Houston that he believes the Clintons have had people killed. He referenced this when telling host Sam Malone what he really believes Bill Clinton said to Attorney General Loretta Lynch on the Phoenix tarmac before the election. If you haven’t heard this yet, tune in to hear what the Congressman had to say.

Social Media Silencing Conservatives

You already know that social media sites like Facebook, Twitter and YouTube have said they will be cracking down on hate speech (a good thing). But what’s not good is how they’re defining hate speech. Ed’s friend Scott has news on this to share, and you may find it pretty fascinating. For instance, conservative host Dennis Prager – who has a series of YouTubes called “Prager University” – has become a victim of YouTube censorship in the past year, with the site taking down some of the most tame, politically correct videos Mr. Prager has ever done. “How do you call Dennis Prager offensive?” Ed asks.

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