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This week, Ed starts off with some mortgage and real estate talk. “If you’re looking for a house, go to,” he says. “We’re one of their preferred lenders, so there’s a good chance your offer could be accepted if you’re doing your financing with us at Wholesale Capital Corporation. That’s my mortgage plug for the week!” If you have questions, reach out to Ed and his team at (855) 640-2020.

Next, it’s on to the big developments in Syria. “If you’ve seen the photos,” Ed says of the horrific chemical attack carried out by Bashar al-Assad’s regime, “you’ve seen little babies…it’s sad, disturbing.” We’re recapping the progression of events, from Assad’s disgusting serine gas attack on his own people, to President Trump’s emotional comments on what we witnessed, to – in an act of serious presidential guts! – Trump greenlighting the airstrike of 59 Tomahawk missiles on the same airfield where Assad carried out his attack. Even the liberals are having a hard time criticizing this, and it’s largely being praised as a successful operation.

“You could hear in his voice…he was emotionally moved by this,” Ed says of Trump’s unexpected remarks from Mar-a-Lago on Thursday night. As for Russia’s unfavorable reaction to our actions, “I think this might do something for all these collusion accusations,” Ed says. “Does this sound like someone who’s in bed with the Russians?” And speaking of liberals, it’s hard for them to criticize President Trump for this decision when none other than Hillary Clinton called for airstrikes just hours before, unaware that Trump was already planning it. Pretty remarkable!

In the second half, it’s on to the big news that Judge Neil Gorsuch was confirmed as the 113th Supreme Court Justice on Friday morning. If you haven’t been up on the details, Ed recaps them on the show. Most importantly, he explains the filibuster the Senate Democrats staged, which forced the Senate Republicans to choose the so-called “rules change”/”nuclear option.” You’ll also hear Democrats like Chuck Schumer cry about the unfairness of the move; that’s because the Democrats themselves wanted to do this very same thing in 2013, when they were the ones in power. “It’s always a two-way street for the Democrats,” Ed says. “When they want to do it, it’s okay. They don’t like it this time, because they aren’t the ones in power anymore.”

As the show closes, we’re talking about Susan Rice. As Obama’s National Security Advisor, she had a history of lying (Benghazi, anyone?), and it looks like not much has changed. Rice said things on MSNBC this week that contradicted what she said on PBS last month, and all of it points to her as the person who unmasked Trump team members who were, at this point, clearly under surveillance by the Obama administration. “This whole Russia thing was all a smokescreen to take our attention away from Hillary Clinton’s corruption,” Ed says. “There was no ‘there’ there – but with the Democrats, there’s a lot of ‘there’ there.”

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