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This week, Ed and his guest Scott start off the show with a discussion on Bill O’Reilly being fired from Fox News in the wake of sexual harassment allegations and lawsuits from multiple women. “It amazes me that a guy who makes that much money isn’t smarter than he is,” Ed says. If you’ve only heard bits and pieces about the accusers, tune in to The Main Event to hear who they are and what they are alleging. “Either he’s being railroaded or he’s sort of a jerk,” Scott says. “Probably both,” Ed says. You’ll hear about this media scandal from all angles on The Main Event this week, and get some lighthearted commentary on Bill O’Reilly that anyone who is familiar with his career will enjoy.

Next it’s on to Tax Day, which was marked by marches all across the country designed to draw attention to the President’s tax returns. Ed has clips from ABC News that portray the events as grassroots, when they were clearly organized – and, he has the list of George Soros-affiliated organizations that funded them. Ed also has a beef with the people who attended these marches: “These people who demand that they want to see Trump’s tax returns wouldn’t know what they were looking at anyway,” he says. “Plus, they don’t even pay taxes.”

In the second half, we discuss the new “Buy American, Hire American” executive order, which targets the H1-B Visa program and aims to encourage American companies to hire American workers, rather than foreign workers, for skilled occupations. You’ll hear the President’s comments on this order, as well as an opposing viewpoint from businessman Mark Cuban. And as we close out the show, there’s an update on the President’s administration visiting the border and speaking out on their efforts to crack down on gangs like MS-13. It’s a jam-packed show you don’t want to miss!

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