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Fighting an Immigration Influx 

Over Easter weekend, a caravan of 1,200 migrants from Central America passed through Mexico toward the United States as part of an annual activist demonstration.

Could President Trump have something to do with that? Based on his praise of Mexico for their actions this week, it seems he may have. And as he waits for Congress to figure out how to fund the border wall, President Trump is calling for a deployment of National Guard troops to the U.S./Mexico border. By next week, we should know whether Governor Jerry Brown will get on board with the other border state governors who will authorize the National Guard’s presence – and of course, there are plenty of people who don’t want it. Ed alert: “Is there anything these people will agree with Trump on? We didn’t elect him to make changes to our lives today; we elected him to make changes that put us in the right direction.”

Covering the YouTube Shooting: Media Double Standard  

The shooting at the YouTube headquarters in Silicon Valley on Tuesday has the media struggling to figure out how they should handle an incident of gun violence that wasn’t committed by someone who fits their expected profile. This is why all week, you’ve heard reporters saying, “It’s very unusual for a female to commit a shooting like this.” Ed alert: “They just don’t know what to make of it. What they really mean is she’s not a white male, she’s not a Republican and she didn’t use an AR-15.”

Maybe the left should rethink its position on the mental health aspect of mass shootings, because it seems like that’s what Nasim Agdham was. Her four YouTube channels – which were in three different languages and were devoted to “hand art,”fitness” and “vegan life” – were full of strange content, to say the least. Ed alert: “For those of you who haven’t seen her videos, they are stupid!” In her final video, she explained that her anger toward YouTube was rooted in her page being demonetized and age restricted (sounds like a great reason to drive 500 miles and start shooting people).

Juanita Broaddrick’s Revenge 

Guess who’s continuing to whine about the fact that she’s not the President? Hillary Clinton was at The Wing this week, a professional women’s club in New York City, where she sat in a circle with a bunch of ladies and pretended she was in a group therapy session, delivering the same old lines about sexism and misogyny. It’s perfect timing for Hillary to start pretending to be a champion of women again, because one of her husband’s accusers is ready to tell the truth about her.

Juanita Broaddrick, who credibly accused Bill Clinton of raping her in an Arkansas hotel room when he was running for governor in 1978, has a new book titled You’d Better Put Some Ice on That – How I Surprised Being Raped by Bill Clinton, and she has plenty to say about why she believes Hillary never left Bill or reported his abuse toward women. “I think I know why,” Broaddrick told S.E. Cupp on HLN. “I think she wanted to do some of the things he’d done, and it was just a power thing.” Ed alert: “Because she didn’t have any charisma, charm or likability, she had to attach herself to Bill, who had some.”

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